Our Animation Production Process

Making an animation video is a creative, collaborative process. It takes a lot of team efforts, communications and fine-tuned steps to create one. Unlike the conventional “leave it to the pro” approach, we love keeping our clients in the loop whenever possible during our production progress, making sure the progress is visible to you while keeping the internal workload transparent. To give you an idea of how we work, here are the key steps in our process (the icons mean we will need your approval to continue).

1. Your Story. Visualized.

Animation is storytelling with visual. Our focus is to work with you for decent story. And get it visualized. In this phase we will:

  • Get content/creative brief.
  • Write a decent script.
  • Build a storyboard.
  • Record voice-over.

2. Our Creative Work.

So the story is nailed, it’s time to get creative. Our artists will create all visual assets and animatic needed for the movie. We will:

  • Create art direction.
  • Design characters.
  • Design backgrounds & props.
  • Animatic.

3. The Magic Touch.

All the muscle works and magic happen here. This is your impatient time but it’s worth the wait. Our works including:

  • Animation production.
  • Composite/SFX/VFX.
  • Final touches & Delivery.

Who we are

Animost is a creative and energetic animation studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We enjoy bringing life to stories and biking around Hanoi’s beautiful Old Quarter.

At Animost we treat each project as an unique living being, carefully craft its story, script, art direction and animation from scratch. If you’re looking for more than just another animation video, we’re here to help.