Real-time rendering is changing everything, including the way graphic content is made. Yesterday it took a render farm with hundreds to thousands of CPU computing hours to render a 3D animated shot, today it’s possible to do that within minutes with a single computer using real-time graphic computing power. Our workflow is built to leverage this technology advancement.



Technology Stack


  • Custom Unreal Engine build as rendering platform.
  • Nvidia Gameworks for dynamic lighting, clothing/hair, real-time physics.
  • Perception Neuron for live performance, motion capture, animation blocking.
  • Faceshift/Faceware for  live performance, facial expression, lip-sync.



Workflow Overview




How Real-time Workflow Help?


Quality Assurance right from the start.

Final scene, environment, lighting, physics setup is done before animation production. Our client can then work with us to achieve desired visual results right from the start.

Live performance for faster animation blocking.

Facial and body motion capture recorded in real-time right within camera shots. This helps us to produce better animation blocking in much faster time.

Fast and unlimited revision.

With real-time preview and no render downtime, we can deliver revisions in very short turnaround time.



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