A real-time animation studio to boost your production speed

Animost Studio was founded with the sole goal of helping fellow studios and partners to achieve a common goal: to produce animation content faster. We use motion capture and Unreal Engine in a real-time pipeline to achieve 2X ~ 4X production rate comparing to traditional approach. Find out more about our services here.

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Animation Production

Real-time animation production pipeline. Animost Studio offers full animation production services at 2X ~ 4X speed comparing to traditional workflow.

  • Main production
  • Layout/Blocking
  • Lighting/rendering
  • Key animation & mocap
  • Hand/secondary animation
  • Facial expression, lip-sync

3D Assets Creation

Animost Studio can assist you at every stage of 3D asset creation, from single asset work to full level and world creation, film or game-optimized assets.

  • 2D concept
  • 3D realistic and stylized characters
  • 3D environment design
  • 3D concept development
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D rigging and skinning

Motion Capture & Previz

60+ Optitrack cameras plus Faceware HMCs. One of largest motion capture facilities in South-East Asia ready for your mocap-related needs.

  • Body motion capture
  • Facial motion capture
  • Mocap cleanup & edit
  • Film/game animation
  • Secondary animation
  • Real-time previsualization

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