Discover which animation studio pays the most in 2023!

Discover Which Animation Studio Pays The Most in 2023!

As the demand for skilled animators rises, the question of which animation studio pays the most is increasingly relevant. Read on for more!

What does an illustrator do? Does being an Illustrator pay well?

What Does An Illustrator Do? Does Being An Illustrator Pay Well?

What does an illustrator do? An illustrator is a two-dimensional artist who works in a variety of fields and industries, including fashion design, children's books, magazines, medical manuals, websites, technical designs, and advertising.

Lighting & Rendering Artist

Animost Studio is seeking a talented, motivated, and experienced Mid-Level Lighting Artist who has a passion for quality and collaborate with Environment Artists, VFX artists, and Designers to bring our animation content to the next level.

Unreal Engine Generalist (Chuyên Viên UE)

Animost Studio is in search of a multi-talented Unreal Engine generalist to join our studio with an existing team of artists, animators, and designers creating multiple animation content using a modern real-time production pipeline.

animost team working for animation series project

Junior Animators (Nhân Viên Diễn Hoạt)

Passionate about animating beautiful characters and develop your animator career? Animost is looking for junior animators to join our growing Animation Team. We have series of animated content which we do a significant amount of animation work in long-term. Come join us and grow together!

working for animation series project

Senior Animators (Chuyên Viên Diễn Hoạt)

Animost Studio is looking for experienced animators to help us create the most dynamic and engaging animation content. If you're interested in crafting epic moments, animating expressive true to life characters and creating responsive, engaging stories: then our studio is for you!