Unreal Engine Impact on Architectural Visualization

Unreal Engine now represents the next generation of technological advancements in the building design sector. Architects will utilize Unreal Engine to transport their customers into the virtual world of magnificent architecture.

Streaming Wars for better animated content – Netflix vs Disney Plus (Part 2)

Streaming Wars between Netflix and Disney Plus. Still, Netflix has the most subscribers. But Disney Plus is catching up quickly. Disney's strategy is to begin by marketing themselves as a family-friendly producer. The platform's remarkable development and strategy succeed to date thanks to the unmatched power of Disney's franchise brands.

Streaming Wars for better animated content – Netflix vs Disney Plus (Part 1)

Streaming Wars for better animated content. Netflix and Disney Plus are competing each other by offering on-demand streaming services. Netflix will keep creating original content that appeals to a wide range of audiences, while Disney will focus on family-friendly content.

Animation Studios Thrive With Larger contracts and Higher Commissions from SVOD Clients

According to owner of small animation studio, there's more animation work now than ever. More than half of the programming is for web-based platforms, including SVOD. Original animation commission increased 63 percent thanks to expanding animation libraries on Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max, and other SVOD services.

What is SVOD? SVOD booming by attracting more customers to move away from cable model

What is SVOD? Are you aware of the fact that SVOD is blooming in both quantity and quality and more and more customers are moving away from cable and towards SVOD business subscription model?

Why is Epic Games so concerned about protecting Unreal Engine?

The game industry's history truly began to change when Unreal Engine was launched in 1998. This engine demonstrate that the boundary between game and real world is more delicate than ever.

Merchandising and Gaming as Netflix’s alternative incomes to jump on hype for shows like ‘Squid Game’

In partnering with Walmart, Netflix has the opportunity to diversify its revenue for the streaming category, while Walmart can attach its brand more closely to pop culture. The streamer intends to begin with mobile games as part within each membership, with no further fees.

Industry News: Dota game inspired Netflix animated series 2021 – DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Netflix's new animated series inspired by DOTA video game origins. If you're familiar with the world of Dota 2, you'll like Dota:Dragon's Blood because it stays true to the original while also revealing a lot about the characters.

Asia animation’s biggest representative become world’s largest film market in 2021 – Animation review (P2)

The animation feature - Golden Break - become the third-largest single-day box office for family animation films on the history of National Day of Chinese Film. The inspired story not only inspires young people, but also encourages adults to rediscover their lost dreams and reclaim their sense of youth.

Asia animation’s biggest representative become world’s largest film market in 2021 – Animation review (P1)

China - Asia animation's biggest representative - has surpassed the United States once again to become the world's largest film market. Big Ear Tutu is a well animated, must see animation film about bonds in Asian families. Its success of animated movie that honoring cultural values.