Animost Studio’s behind-the-scenes (Part 2)

Animost studio develops its own cutting-edge solutions to fulfill the needs of its animation projects in the digital realm. It is its customized methods and processes for handling the utilized technology that allow Animost to execute and produce animation projects of higher quality at reduced costs compared to other competitors in Asian region.

Animost Studio’s behind-the-scenes (Part 1)

Animost studio's recognition as the best 3D animation film by Japanese Digicon Awards has been a huge source of encouragement for the Animost’s team crew, who were working on both client’s and Digicon projects at the same time.

How much a professional animation studio charge for one minute animation? How much Animost charge?

For one minute of animation, how much does a professional animation studio charge? The cost of producing animation by professional studio can range from $1,000 to $100,000. The more complex and technically advanced a film is, the more expensive it will be to make it.

5 things to remember as collaborating with an animation studio

To kick-start your animation series, the tip to remember is to write a good brief and go through all the detail related to the animated series with the animation studio.

New technology innovating 3D animation production industry

New technology, the key component boosting animation creation, has offered 3D animation production studios new ways to produce content better and shorter. Adopting Motion Capture and Unreal Engine for creating animation movie series leads to minimizing the effort and post-edit that traditional studios have to suffer.