Before we delve into the topic of 3D animation Modeling, let’s explore the general term of 3D animation and important topics related to this terms first in this post. We will touch further details of 3D animation modeling in next post.

Computer Animation

Computer animation is the term referring to the process of generating animated images, whereas the computer-generated imagery (CGI) term referring to both static scenes and dynamic images.


Modern 3D animation generate three-dimensional animation, while classic 2D animation are often used for faster renderings.

3D Animation methods

Frames in 3D animations are rendered after the modeling is complete. To produce 3D animation, objects have to be modeled and 3D figures have to be rigged with a virtual skeleton. In human and animal characters, the skeletal model correspond to the bones, and facial features. The computer would use the skeletal model to compute the exact position and orientation of the characters.

There are several methods to produce realistic motion. Traditionally, animators manipulate directly, known as keyframe animation. In contrast, a newer method called motion capture or mocap, which makes use of live action footage. In motion capture session, a real performer acts out as if they were the character in the scene. His motion would be recorded and the performance is eventually applied to the character to be animated.

mocap performer

Each method has its advantages and 3d animation studio are using both of these methods. Keyframe animation is used when the motions are difficult or impossible to act out. While motion capture is appropriate in situations where realistic, believable behavior is required.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is the creation of an object or character in 3D space using computer-based modelling tools of software.

3D computer modelling of objects are based on constructed model of geometrical vertices, faces, and edges of objects in three dimensions.
Objects are sculpted much like real clay starting from general forms to as much specific details as possible with various sculpting tools.

house model

A 3D model has to have “textures” to appear more real. A bone animation system is set up to make the model move and act like real life human beings or animal characters. In the rigging process, various controllers and handles are utilized by animator to control the movement of models/ characters. Animated characters’ movement can be made via either motion capture with actors acting out or keyframing animator made directly by a human , or a combination of the two.

robot model

Models are used very often in TV show, movie, game, VR app. For example, the normal request for a modeler is to re-create legendary or symbolic characters for the movie, TV show or game/ apps… And the 3D Modeler has to start building models by the time the model be animated or the scenes has VFX applied.


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