There are many animation channels on Youtube with a diverse choice of animated entertainment for you and your other animation enthusiasts. So you can find anything that is ideal for your tastes and sense of humor!

As an open platform, YouTube has enabled independent artists to build their material exactly how they want it. There are no management layers in between. In such cases, multimedia artists (also known as animators) have complete freedom to create animated videos for entertainment or educational purposes.

The following list of the best animation channels on Youtube is not based on any external data analysis, such as total viewers or subscribers. The order of the channels on the list is likewise determined at random. You can sort through this list to find the channels that will become your new favorites.

Top 15 animation channels on Youtube


Pencilmation is a Ross Bollinger-created animated series in which pencil-drawn stick figures and doodles come to life. The series is primarily about a figure dubbed Pencilmate, who appears in several of Ross’ works.

He makes each video for adults who aren’t too serious. It transforms the simple concept of characters created on paper into something amusing and innovative. The stick figure-like characters are made in a simple but appealing manner.

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One of the main reasons people keep coming back to this channel is its distinctive storytelling, which includes a unique sense of humor.

Some of its most successful films are largely about himself in school or college – no it’s a surprise that most viewers can relate to those videos and become followers right away. Not to mention the utilization of legendary characters that keep fans coming back for more each week.

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ExplosmEntertainment creates short animated comic videos of up to 3 minutes in length, most notably “Cyanide & Happiness,” which is extremely popular among webcomic enthusiasts.

They are generating their series in a hysterical, often quite random, and sometimes a touch dark – but all done for humor – mostly employing stick-figure animation, primarily generated with Adobe Animate. Furthermore, the channel promotes visual comedy through animation.


Domics is a channel managed by a young Canadian man also known as Domics. Domics characterizes his video as a “draw my life” channel, which is exactly what it is.

Many of his animations are used to depict various elements of his life, both past, and current. The animation and voice work are both rather simplistic, but they work well together to give the jokes a great amount of punch. It’s a strategy you’ll see a lot of as we go through this list, and Domics is undoubtedly one of the best instances.

Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is an animated series about a huge fluffy white cat and his owner Simon’s mischievous and humorous activities. This video is a popular cat-related channel on YouTube, with a lot of fascinating and entertaining anecdotes about long-suffering as a cat owner.

Because the videos on this channel lack narration, it depends mainly on visual and auditory effects to provide viewers with the sight of animated humor and physical comedy.

Aside from the engaging plot, the channel is well-known for its simply designed character and white background.


Arin Hanson, better known online as Egoraptor, runs an animated music, parody, and comedy channel. Because of its characteristic sense of humor and animation style, this channel is well-known among YouTube animation fans.

It also features a variety of popular series that he has created, such as Awesome Series, Lemon ‘n Bill, Girlchan in Paradise!!, and Sequilitis, among many others.

Aside from the famous series, another reason his subscribers keep coming back is the fascinating cartoon music video with amusing lyrics.

How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended rewrites elements of popular feature film plots and endings in amusing ways as the alternate version.

They also have a popular, hysterically funny mini-series called “Super Cafe,” which stars popular superheroes such as Batman and Superman. The characters in the show frequently discuss blockbuster trailers, forthcoming films, and so on.

This “Super Cafe” is popular among superheroes and sci-fi movie fans.


sWooZie prioritizes storyline over animation quality, which is typically represented with rudimentary drawings or stick figures, creating unique content that you won’t find anywhere else online.

It occasionally incorporates animation, confessional videos, and gameplay. They also upload regularly, making his channel ideal for subscribing.


CrashCourse is a YouTube educational channel. CrashCourse has a global audience both in and out of the classroom, with over 10 million YouTube views to date.

CrashCourse alters the traditional textbook approach by presenting content in a fast-paced way, from Astronomy to US History. While the show is a fantastic resource for students and teachers, it also has a significant audience of casual learners who seek out online educational content on their own.

Jaiden Information

Jaiden Information is a YouTube channel that creates animation films that literally tell the story of the channel.

In a sea of personality-driven vlogging and gaming-driven “Let’s Play” channels, Jaiden generates original story animation content that engages its users.


The annual TED conference’s educational branch is hosted in Vancouver each spring. You’ll find a growing library of carefully curated educational videos on their YouTube education channel, many of which are collaborations between educators and skilled animators.

The goal of TED-Ed is to collaborate with animators to create a series of lesson-based animated shorts for teachers and high school students.

Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum is one of YouTube’s most popular children’s channels, with bright 3D cartoons in stunning HD definition. Baby lullabies, nursery rhymes, and interactive films are among the offerings on the channel.

What distinguishes it from other kids’ channels is its unusually long videos; most of the videos on this channel are 30 minutes long, whereas most other channels are only 5 minutes or less — to assist parents who have to keep pressing the ‘play’ button.

They can simply press play on this channel and leave your child to watch it while they do something else.

Andrei Terbea

Andrei Terbea is the proprietor of this channel. The channel uses precise 2D animation to produce short mini-series or commentary on current events.

His commentary content covers a wide range of YouTube and YouTuber-related topics, allowing viewers to better understand what is going on on the platform.

It approaches trending topics from a unique angle, frequently playing the devil’s advocate and looking on the bright side of negative events.

My Story Animated

Through animated videos, My Story Animated shares the most engaging and life-changing stories with young adults around the world.

The channel’s concept is to create bizarre stories about teenage characters. It deals with school, family secrets, relationships, and other real-life issues that frequently take an unexpected turn.

Each episode recounts a fresh story with stunning 2D animation. Because the videos are based on stories submitted by viewers, almost all of the voice-overs in their videos are performed by the person who lived the story.

Cartoon Hangover

Cartoon Hangover is an internet animation channel produced by Frederator Studios. It has spawned a number of spin-off shows, including The Fairly OddParents, Adventure Time, Bee and PuppyCat, Bravest Warriors, and others.

This channel is full of unusual, creative, amusing, and occasionally strange cartoon videos. It offers television-quality cartoons on the Internet, complete with attractive animated characters and interesting storylines.

The mini-series SuperF*ckers and Too Cool! are two of the key reasons that people keep tuning in and returning for more.


Above is our recommendation of what we consider the best animation channels on Youtube. The animation channels listed above might help you broaden your knowledge of the animation world on YouTube. If you are an animator, it might provide you with ideas on how to make captivating animated videos to reach out to more viewers.

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