Looking for the best game cinematic? In addition to gameplay trailers, some games also release short videos with content, using CGI technology, a game cinematic.

It can be roughly explained as a technology that simulates the actors’ actions using a computer and then puts them into a video drawn by graphic experts.

These videos are called cinematic because they have elements similar to the “cine” movies that you often watch. 

10 Best Game Cinematics

To admire the top cinematic scenes that game developers have created that are no less than Hollywood, take a look at the following games.

Destiny Series

When talking about cinematics, we definitely have to mention Destiny, the trailers of this game will remind you of the legendary Star Wars movies.

Impressive video quality, carefully invested, good content, everything that Hollywood can do, Destiny’s cinematic can do equally well.

Being a free game and also having a top player base on Steam, Destiny offers an extremely engaging looting gameplay experience.

You will play the role of guardians, fight powerful alien forces, overcome creatively and majestically designed levels, and collect excellent weapons and items to equip your heroes. his character.

With such great gameplay and cinematics, it’s not surprising that Destiny 2 is still one of the games with the largest number of players on Steam. Every time you watch Destiny’s cinematics, you want to play the game.

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Resident Evil Series

R.E’s Cinematic has reached its peak, this is even a game that has been adapted into a movie, so cinematic scenes labeled Resident Evil are guaranteed to be hot.

Capcom is already famous for investing in cinematic trailers, and Resident Evil is not the only game. However, among monster zombie shooting games, no game can surpass Resident Evil in terms of cinematics.

Resident Evil has many different experiences, there are a few versions that bring a very different view of this series, especially in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. But in general, you will play in a certain location, a house, a police headquarters, etc.

Then find ways to fight zombies or monsters here, and solve difficult puzzles to be able to get out.

The game has long become legendary with this gameplay, with characters that are deeply imprinted in the minds of gamers and legendary monsters that have been brought to the big screen.

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Devil May Cry Series

Again a Capcom product, although not made into a movie like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry’s cinematics are also among the top in the gaming world.

Proof that the million-view cinematic trailers of Devil May Cry are made no less than top Hollywood movies, with impressive character details, cinematic angles, and realistic graphics, guys.

Hearing it is not as good as seeing it. Just watch the trailer of DMC5 below and you will understand why it is so great.

Coming to Devil May Cry, you will experience one of the best monster hack-and-slash games in the gaming world.

With majestic, beautiful, and very skillful combos and impressive sound effects accompanied by excellent graphics, Devil May Cry brings all the essence of a AAA game.

Not only does the cinematic look beautiful, but the cutscene scenes in the game also inherit the talent of the artists who created the top cinematic trailers of Devil May Cry, which will make you gasp when watching the cutscenes. 

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Diablo Series

Capcom is great at making cinematics, but Blizzard is even better. It can be said that in this gaming industry, Blizzard’s cinematics are the most numerous and the best.

The cinematography of Diablo is not simply for beauty, the content of these cinematics is clear and sequential. That means it’s like a series of movies, guys, the cinematics are both beautiful and have good content.

Diablo is a typical example of one of the game series with the most beautiful cinematics in the gaming world.

Diablo is familiar to gamers, isn’t it? The legendary game with its action role-playing gameplay with a legendary third-person perspective, once made a splash in internet rooms.

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Starcraft Series

This is one of the games with the most beautiful cinematics I’ve ever seen, for me it’s probably the best.

I don’t know how much Blizzard invests in cinematic movies like Legacy of The Void or Heart of the Swarm from Starcraft 2, but looking at it, it’s no worse than Thor.

Blizzard’s legendary real-time strategy game is still one of the leading games in this genre. Although there is still no information about the next version, Starcraft 2 is still very successful and popular with gamers.

Not only looking forward to the new version but the new cinematic of Starcraft is certainly also expected by many Starcraft fans, so, while waiting for the new “movie” from Starcraft, you should experience the top cinematic scenes of Starcraft. 2 to prepare.

World Of Warcraft

If you don’t like the alien science fiction genre of Starcraft, then Warcraft will be a mystical version of ancient magic that you may be interested in.

The cinematic of Warcraft is not inferior to Starcraft because it is also invested in and developed by Blizzard, and these short films of Warcraft have a huge number of views, guys.

Blizzard’s most successful MMORPG ever was first released in 2003 and is still loved by millions of global gamers.

The game revolves around the legendary world of Warcraft Azeroth, where players will experience the game’s extremely attractive MMO system, leveling, and boss hunting.

The predecessor of World of Warcraft is the legendary Warcraft game that also has very impressive cinematic versions, but compared to modern machines and developed technology today, WoW can be said to still surpass its predecessor. about making “films.”

Red Alert Series

Compared to the above games, Red Alert’s cinematics and cutscenes may not be remembered for their CGI technology, but they made the movie.

The cutscene and cinematic scenes of the game Lo are played by real people and these scenes are invested like a real movie, casting actors, building studios, and investing in explosives.

All of this has made Red Alert separate from other popular cinematic films and become famous.

At a time when real-time strategy games were still popular, Red Alert was one of the most favored names. With gameplay that realistically simulates the world’s great powers during the Cold War.

You will be able to control American marines, French marksmen, or powerful Russian war vehicles. It will make players feel like a modern-day commander-in-chief.


Overwatch is truly the cinematic master of the gaming industry. Overwatch’s cinematic experience is already great, but for those who are playing this game, it is even better.

You will experience your favorite character in a more “everyday” appearance, no longer running around with guns and jumping around.

However, when needed, they still launch exclusive moves in the game, but with much more impressive effects in the cinematic scenes, which will make fans of this game stand still while watching.

Overwatch is one of Blizzard’s most successful games today, with FPS gameplay combined with MOBA, fast and competitive gameplay, it is a game that is not easy to get used to, but once you get used to it, you will be addicted.

The second version of Overwatch will be released shortly, which means that characters like Tracer, Mercy,… will continue to appear splendidly in Blizzard’s new cinematics.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a very old game and is the childhood of many gamers, but nowadays few people know that Final Fantasy’s cinematic is an important factor that made this game successful.

The legendary characters in the game are remade in a smoother, more realistic way in the game’s cinematics, which will make you want to immediately experience these characters in gameplay.

As a role-playing game, Final Fantasy offers quite attractive gameplay experiences, but what makes people love this game is the fascinating storyline as well as the stories of each character in the game.

Interesting romances and dramas will keep you hooked to the game like a long-running movie. That’s why Final Fantasy was adapted into a movie. Although not very successful, it still shows that this is a masterpiece of the game’s plot.

League Of Legend

Many people think that Riot should stop making games and start making movies because the cinematics of the LoL game are becoming more and more excellent.

Not the story, not the beautiful graphics, but the filming style, tempo, and background music make LOL’s cinematic trailers loved by many gamers whether they play the game or not.

The MOBA game that is very popular today is one of the games with the most players in the world. Compared to other MOBA games, besides Dota 2, LoL does not have a worthy competitor in terms of global coverage.

That’s why a free game with normal graphics has such careful investment in cinematics. Certainly, the amount of money spent is not small, but it is worth it because these cinematic scenes make a Dota 2 person like me applaud.


Above are the best game cinematics that you should not ignore. There are certainly still other famous names that I cannot mention in a list. So, please help me to add in the comments section, so we can share with each other. Thank you for reading!

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