Love, Death + Robots is a short-form anthology TV animation series that is perfect for people on the go. There is everything from comedy and horror to action and literature, romance and sex… Since its debut on Netflix, Love, Death + Robots has captivated a wide audience. The episodes of Love, Death + Robots, despite their briefness, are jam-packed with narrative, innovation, and even a plot surprise.

9. The Dump

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After an accumulation of human garbage reaches too large, It transforms into a monster, capable of consuming and digesting everything in its path as it grows.

10. Shape-Shifter


As the title suggests, Shape-Shifter is about two werewolves caught up in the Middle East conflict. As much as the two people’s skills helped to the military effort, the other soldiers saw them as no more than two animals. Shape-Shifter focuses on stigma and camaraderie.

11. Helping Hand

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Quite similar to the movie Gravity, Helping Hand is about a female astronaut who has lost in space and strives to go back to her ship. The animated episode portrays people’s yearning for life and readiness to sacrifice, as well as the beauty and harshness of outer space.

12. Fish Night


Fish Night is one of the most inventive episodes of Love, Death + Robots. Fish Night teaches us that being caught up in illusions can have unintended effects, thus it is important to realize the difference between reality and fiction.

13. Lucky 13

When it comes to the spiritual link between a gifted pilot named Colby and his lucky 13 spaceship, Love, Death, and Robots has the most heartwarming episode. Lucky 13 – the spacecraft everyone thinks is unlucky – was lucky to meet Colby after failing twice in the mission. As a result of Lucky 13’s “fame”, Colby was first sceptical, but she and Lucky 13 were able to fulfill a number of assignments.

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Because the driver was unskilled, Lucky 13 was a failure, not because the car was unlucky in nature. As a result of their close relationship, Lucky 13 sacrificed himself as a real person in order for Colby and his colleagues to live.

14. Zima Blue

Among Love, Death, and Robots’s installments, this is the most spiritual. Zima Blue reminds us of simple bliss, even though it does not have sparkling and realistic visuals or imagery like some other episodes.

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This is the story of the robot Zima who appears to be a brilliant painter with works that transcend space and time but is revealed to be nothing more than a robot and his dying yearning to return to his origins as the robot who cleans the swimming pool made by a young girl.

15. Blind Spot

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Incorporating a little bit of inspiration from Transformers or Megaman. As the title suggests, Blind Spot is about a group of robots that specialize in unlawful missions. In the writer’s opinion, this animated episode has little substance beyond pleasure or a simple lesson about friendship.

16. Ice Age

Real-life actors portray a couple who discover that human civilizations from ancient to present emerge in their old refrigerator. We get a similar perspective on human growth as in Three Robots by witnessing how humans developed from before language development to when their society began traveling by airship.

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A new ice age begins and they kill each other with nuclear weapons. The cycle of resurrection begins.

17. Alternate Histories

However, despite our efforts to stop fascism, there will always be others, just because “fate” dictates that they exist. It may sound a bit cliche, but if we think about it, we can understand both the logic and the underlying significance behind this episode.

One thing is certain in all six timelines: war will still happen with or without Hitler, and the moon will still be conquered no matter which future you choose.

18. The Secret War

A group of Soviet Red Army soldiers are ordered on a quest to hunt and destroy the demonic creatures they themselves conjured with black magic in 1920, as Sonnie’s Edge introduces Love, Death + Robots with a futuristic fantasy universe. There was just one survivor who knew the truth.

love death robots overview

A weird succession of concepts culminates in The Secret War, and I am sure most of us are grateful they only exist on animated episode. There may be a narrative twist in this life, as there have been in many animated episodes of Love, Death + Robots.


This Netflix Original animated TV series is one of the best you can watch right now. Love, Death & Robots is a TV animation series that anyone who enjoys both depth and novelty should watch. Filmgoers over the age of 18 will appreciate the combination of a simple but meaningful script and constant visual innovation.


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