The visuals of Nezha Reborn animation film

Nezha Reborn’s setting is what truly distinguishes it. Donghai City is a visually striking and innovative setting that combines 1930s Shanghai art deco architecture with 1950s Americana (all those classic cars and motorcycles). Massive sculptures and deity tributes are made of engine and other vehicle parts, and our hero is protected from his newfound fire god powers by a suit of armor made of automobile parts. We have never seen anything like it in a large-scale animated film before.


This slick-looking film features a villain who transforms into a Tywin Lannister-like crime boss, complete with mechanical shark and magical jellyfish that can also transform into lamps!

The visual beauty of this film astounds. The opening segment, which depicts high-octane motorcycle racing, is a prime example of this. The camera follows them as they speed through the streets of Donghai City in the golden light of the setting sun.

While the story is intriguing, the incredible animation is likely to draw more attention. There are numerous beautifully crafted fight sequences. The water effects, like the hair and fabric textures, look just as good as they do in any Disney or Pixar film.

The plot of Nezha Reborn animation film

Despite the film’s visually stunning appearance, the content tells a different story.
However, the story is not always as well-executed as the graphics. The idea of deities ending a conflict with humans by taking over a city is intriguing, but the film does not go much further and does not spend enough time in the city.

In the first half of New Gods: Nezha Reborn, Yunxiang must learn to harness his powers with the help of an eccentric instructor, but he must also learn that great power comes with great responsibility, as waves of superpowered assassins are sent to assassinate his loved ones. The plot of the film does not include a spider bite or Kryptonian blood cells, but it does include the concept of reincarnation.

The majority of the exposition in Nezha Reborn is devoted to describing how this interpretation differs from the original myth, rather than explaining what the story is.


Although the film moves quickly, the story suffers as a result. Characters appear and vanish in a fraction of the time it takes a Quibi to complete. It introduces complex and presumably vital information and then discards it, and everyone who is not a reborn Nezha is a one-dimensional figure.


There are numerous impressive fight scenes, environments, and animation effects to be found throughout the game. It would not be surprising to see a film like this in theaters during a less turbulent period, and it could compete with any Hollywood blockbuster.


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