These 10 famous virtual idols in Japan are well-loved and accepted not only by their international supporters but also by people who are skeptical about man-made humans.

They receive a ton of traffic online because they have an online presence that is even more substantial than many “genuine” influencers. Keep reading to learn more!

Top 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

You can see how human-like some of them are by looking at our 10 Famous Virtual Idols in Japan list. These online influencers present a variety of content categories, from music, fashion, and lifestyle to modeling, each with its specialties.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Crypton Future Media created the CGI influencer known as Hatsune Miku. The adorable 16-year-old girl is well-known throughout the nation as a computer-generated singer and idol. She has long, turquoise twin tails.

Even employing 3D graphics technology, she has given live performances on stages in Japan and other nations. The popularity of Miku is a prime example of Japan’s cutting-edge technology.

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Zinn – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

The company Aww Inc. manufactured Zinn. According to the company’s family tree, Zinn is Imma’s brother and enjoys similar fame. The attractive virtual influencer occasionally works as a model.

His photos can be on Zinn’s Instagram feed. It seems as if he is giving us a sneak peek into his demeanor. It is understandable why Zinn has such a large following given his charm and online demeanor.

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Liam Nikuro

Liam Nikuro
Liam Nikuro – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Another Japanese-American virtual influencer, Liam Nikuro is a model and music producer. He has had the chance to meet The Weeknd, Post Malone, and San Holo thanks to his established profession. His Instagram account contains pictures of him modeling, creating music, working out, and participating in sports.

Additionally, he has modeled for various labels thanks to his distinctive features.

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Imma – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Imma is a well-known virtual influencer from Japan and the world’s first CGI fashion model. Her incredibly lifelike looks, created by Aww Inc., will have you checking to see if she’s not a human.

Imma has her distinctive bright pink bob hair, which no one pulls off as well as she does. Everything about the girl is attractive! The influencer has worked with many well-known companies, including IKEA, Porsche, Nike, Puma, Amazon, and even SK-II. I suppose even robots require skincare.

And if you didn’t think it was incredible enough, Imma was also highlighted in VOGUE Japan. She is undeniably popular on social media.


Ria – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Who would have imagined that robots could experience love? Well, Ria can make it happen. According to the stunning influencer’s bio, “I’m a virtual girl in love.” And who is she in love with? That is Zinn! And they look great together. Their beautiful love story also outshines me.

Along with photos of her with Zinn, Ria’s Instagram is jam-packed with images from her modeling assignments and of her enjoying the virtual girl’s life.


Teresa is a music-focused virtual content producer who is Japanese-American. She even has her music videos and several hit song covers uploaded on YouTube. Teresa is interested in fashion and modeling in addition to music. She can be seen promoting various Japanese companies through sponsorships.


KAF – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

An 18-year-old Japanese virtual girl named Kaf is well-known for her stunning singing voice. She has her original songs including Heart & Trick and Devour The Past.

Additionally, her voice seduces audiences by performing music covers. The synthetic singer KAF is equally well-known as Miku.

Aoi Prism

Aoi Prism
Aoi Prism – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Aoi Prism is a CGI online sensation whose Instagram profile exudes daring in style and content. Her vibrant and wacky street style is unrivaled. And regardless of whether it has numerous layers, glitter, or patterns, Aoi always looks fantastic.

Myra Keiko

Myra Keiko
Myra Keiko – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Japanese virtual singer and influencer Myra Keiko was a 2D character. Her character has changed into a 3D figure after the release of her debut track, Believe, which can be on Spotify and Apple Music. The ash blonde hair and gray baggy jeans define Myra’s style. Her devoted followers frequently express how excited they are for the release of her newest track.


Ella – one of 10 famous virtual idols in Japan

Ella is a virtual influencer and fashion model located in Tokyo. She was developed by Disney Japan, and if you go through her feed, you’ll notice how much she adores Disney. She has Disney-themed clothes, kitchenware, cosmetics, and pretty much all of her other possessions. She is the ideal virtual influencer for Disney fans out there because her feed is adorable, just as she is.


Who is the most famous virtual idol?

Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid singer, and Kizuna AI, a virtual YouTuber, are two well-known virtual idols. The phrase is occasionally used interchangeably with music ensembles whose members do not need to be present in the same physical location for their work because they collaborate online.

Is Hatsune Miku still popular in Japan?

Vocaloid and Hatsune Miku are still quite popular in Japan today. This is evident in the numerous annual festivals and activities staged in honor of the virtual idol, several of which are already in their ninth year.

Why is Hatsune Miku so popular?

Everyone gathered around Miku as the voice synthesis music tent pole. Her character design is attractive to a wide audience because she is essentially an idealized portrayal of a futuristic teen pop idol. Her entire image is still cheery and optimistic despite all the sad songs she sings in.

Who was the first virtual pop star?

One of the earliest examples of what modern virtual influencers can resemble is Kyoko Date. She was developed by HoriPro, one of the biggest talent agencies in Japan, as the initial “virtual idol.” Kyoko wasn’t supposed to get into scandals or get exhausted from performing on stage.

Who is Japanese pop star AI?

Ai Carina Uemura is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, spokesperson, and actress who goes by the moniker Ai. Ai was born in Los Angeles, California, and when she was 4 went to Kagoshima.


Our list of the top 10 famous virtual idols in Japan is complete with this group. It is hardly surprising that Japan, a country recognized for its cutting-edge technology, has produced several CGI influencers who have taken over social media.

Even the personalities of the virtual influencers are distinctive, which makes them more “human” and relatable. Don’t come back for the latest articles!

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