What factors led to the success of virtual idols in China? Let’s examine 5 famous virtual idols in China who are driving the development of this sector in more detail. 

Virtual idols, also known as virtual influencers, are growing in power in China. Bloomberg estimates that in 2021, the industry will be worth $960 million. They now have nearly 390 million users in their audience, which is primarily made up of Gen Zers and Millennials. Read on to discover!

5 famous virtual idols in China

Here is a list of the top 5 famous virtual idols in China:

Luo Tianyi

Luo Tianyi
Luo Tianyi – one of the 5 famous virtual idols in China

Shanghai Henian Technology, a Chinese business, first developed Luo Tianyi as a Vocaloid in 2012. She later became China’s first virtual idol.

Software used to simulate human voice produces artificial voices called Vocaloid.

Social media in China is dominated by Luo Tianyi. She runs live-streaming e-commerce sessions on Taobao and has more than 5 million followers on Weibo. She is the face of numerous advertising campaigns, has numerous recordings of virtual concerts on Bilibili, and has a following that enables her to participate in numerous live performances.

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AYAYI – one of the 5 famous virtual idols in China

One of the newest virtual idols in China is Ayayi. She was developed by the Chinese business Ranmai Technology in collaboration with the Japanese company Aww Inc. She was intended to appear hyper-realistic through a careful blending of meticulous CGI work. Her astounding realism quickly earned her 40.000 followers on Xiaohongshu.

The secret to Ayayi’s successful partnerships with illustrious companies like Louis Vuitton is a well-honed storytelling technique. She is becoming more visible on American social media sites like Instagram, where she uses English to communicate.

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Ling – one of the 5 famous virtual idols in China

Ling is a virtual model who works full-time for the Shanghai-based company Xmov Information Technology and strikes poses that highlight the products she is endorsing.

She has more than 150.000 followers on Weibo and promotes a wide range of goods (including watches, cars, cuisine, cosmetics, and fashion). Among her many partnerships, the ones with Tesla and Vogue are deserving of special notice.

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Angie – one of the 5 famous virtual idols in China

Angie is a digital idol created by Jesse Zhang and a CGI company with offices in Shenzen.

Angie is known for being ordinary: she is rational and emotional (she even cries!), shares with fans her daily activities, and enjoys doing things that typical people do. Because of this, she has developed a sizable fan base. Angie already has more than 300.000 fans on Weibo and Douyin who appreciate her straightforward way of living.

Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings
Honor of Kings – one of the 5 famous virtual idols in China

Five male characters from Tencent’s multiplayer video game Honor of Kings make up the virtual band Honor of Kings. Li Bai, Huge Liang, Baili Shouyue, Han Xin, and Zhao Yun make up the band. They have more than two million followers, which is a sizable following on Weibo.

The band releases films online to showcase each character’s distinct style while playing gigs with actual people. The honor of King’s virtual group, working with Givenchy, was chosen as the face of the brand’s Qixi Festival Campaign in 2021.

Additionally, they celebrated their collaboration with the company by releasing an exclusive single and being featured on the cover of SuperELLE.

F.A.Q.s 5 famous virtual idols in China

Who is the Chinese virtual singer?

2019 performance by virtual singer Luo Tianyi and renowned pianist Lang Lang at Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Does China have VTubers?

Zhongzhi ren, or the “person in the shell,” is the term used to describe the human performer who creates the Vtuber. The members of A-SOUL, a virtual girl group unveiled by the Chinese firm Bytedance-backed Yuehua Entertainment in late 2020, are some of the most well-known Pitao ren VTubers in China.

Who is the most popular virtual idol?

Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old idol from the future who is virtually personified as a Vocaloid [vocal android] program with vivid blue twin tails and peculiar dance skills.

Are virtual idols real?

The creation of virtual idols is done by computers. Although frequently operated by unidentified human actors donning motion capture equipment. Before millions of spectators on live streaming platforms, the most well-known virtual idols perform songs and dances. Fans make cash tips and purchase goods.

Who is the famous Chinese singer?

No vocalist is more recognized in Chinese music than Teresa Teng. She established the Mandopop sound and had a career that lasted over 30 years. Teng started singing when she was three years old. 


Above is a list of the top 5 famous virtual idols in China. China’s social media sites give virtual celebrities plenty of business prospects to interact with their followers. What changes can we expect for the Chinese virtual idol market in the future? Stay tuned for the latest articles from Animost!

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