Our top recommendations for the 5 Best Animation Production Companies in Asia are in this post. The animation industry is being innovated by these startups and enterprises in a variety of ways, but they are all outstanding businesses that are well worth following. Keep scrolling to discover!

The 5 Best Animation Production Companies in Asia

We made an effort to choose businesses of various sizes, from innovative startups to well-known names. Read on to learn more!

Animost Studio

Animost Studio
Animost Studio

Animost Studio was established to assist other studios and partners in achieving a shared objective—quicker creation of animated content. This animation studio increases production speed by two to four times above the conventional way by utilizing real-time process capture and Unreal Engine

Animost Studio can help you with every stage of 3D content, from working with a single object to fully developing and making material for games, movies, or entire worlds.

One of Southeast Asia’s largest motion capture facilities is available to serve your mocap-related needs.

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One Animation

One Animation's product
One Animation’s product

One Animation is a world-class content maker, digital influencer, and distribution company that has won awards for its 3D animation work. More than 180 nations around the world broadcast the studio’s content.

The Oddbods show alone has an astounding 23 BN views across all digital media and 19 million followers on YouTube, earning One Animation official recognition as a digital influencer by YouTube.

While the production crew has worked on several box office successes, such as Harry Potter, Tomb Raider, and Armageddon, its management team has held senior production and commercial jobs at top studios, including Disney, Cartoon Network, SONY, and Warner Bros.

The animation studio’s production crew is made up of people from 33 different countries, ensuring that their work is current and truly international wherever they broadcast.

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Snipple Animation Studios

Snipple Animation Studios
Snipple Animation Studios

Snipple Animation Studios is a multinational animation company that creates original material. High-quality animation is produced, created, and delivered by Snipple. They carry out their work in a setting that encourages and values creativity, champions excellence, and makes everyone on the team feel pleased to be a member.

Since its founding ten years ago, this has been and will continue to be its mentality.

The hardworking staff at this animation studio has a reputation for completing excellent work on schedule and under budget. They offer everything from beginning to end, including development, pre-and post-production, legal, financial, and any other necessary services.

The UK team at Snipple Animation Studios has more than 70 years of combined experience. This studio has released more than 50 series in a variety of genres and IPs.

They have also collaborated with some of the biggest networks, including Warner Bros. and Dreamworks.

Sparky Animation

Sparky Animation
Sparky Animation

Sparky Animation is a seasoned animation production and content development company that was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Singapore. It is famous for its expertise in co-production, work-for-hire, and the development of original Intellectual Properties.

Delivering outsourced animation projects has proven to be a strong suit for Sparky Animation. In addition to production, Sparky Animation also engages in the licensing and marketing of media properties as well as program distribution.

DeeDee Animation Studio

DeeDee Animation Studio
DeeDee Animation Studio

DeeDee Animation Studio is in Hanoi, Vietnam with a passion for animation and storytelling. At DeeDee, stories are told through 2D animation creatively and engagingly through all stages from ideation, concept, storyboarding, and even post-production. They have experience in producing various genres, including animated series, TVC, music videos, and animated short films, …

In addition to implementing 2D animation projects for partners, their larger mission is to bring Vietnamese animators to the world. This animation studio develops independent film projects with a Southeast Asian impact and can touch the hearts of audiences.


Above is our list of the 5 Best Animation Production Companies in Asia. Those are all very successful companies in the field of animation. They have contributed much to the animation industry in Asia. Don’t forget to come back to Animost for more animation studios!

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