Hailey’s On It! takes center stage, captivating young audiences with its inspiring storyline and vibrant animation.

With its relatable characters, humorous moments, and heartfelt messages, Hailey’s On It! not only entertains but also empowers kids to embrace their potential and believe in their ability to shape the world around them.

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An Overview of Hailey’s On It!

An Overview of Hailey's On It!
An Overview of Hailey’s On It!

Premiering today on Disney Channel and Disney XD and releasing on Disney+ on June 9, the new animated series Hailey’s On It! follows the adventures of a California teenager on a mission to complete a bucket list of daring tasks to save the world.

Co-created by Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton, the show aims to inspire kids to face their fears and realize that anyone can make a difference.

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What to Expect from Hailey’s On It!?

What to Expect from Hailey's On It!?
What to Expect from Hailey’s On It!?

Without letting you wait any longer, let’s check out this exciting show!

A Kid’s Dream Come True

Children often dream of accomplishing extraordinary feats, from playing musical instruments to embarking on thrilling adventures. In Disney’s new animated series, Hailey’s On It!, these aspirations become a reality for one California teenager.

The show explores the idea that anyone, even those who feel incapable, can make a significant impact.

Devin Bunje, co-creator of the series alongside Nick Stanton, describes it as a show about fulfilling childhood dreams. The series takes inspiration from the notion that anyone can make a difference, even if they believe they can’t achieve simple things like jumping off a high dive.

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A Challenging Quest to Save the World

Nick Stanton and Devin Bunje
Nick Stanton and Devin Bunje

Hailey’s On It! introduces viewers to Hailey Banks, a resourceful yet risk-averse teenager from Oceanside, California. She is enlisted by a mysterious robot-slaying woman from the future to complete a series of challenging tasks to save the world.

From conquering amusement park rides to reuniting singing duos, Hailey faces new challenges and opportunities to overcome her fears throughout the series.

The lead character, Hailey, is voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, known for her role as Moana.

Manny Jacinto from “Nine Perfect Strangers” and “The Good Place” voices Hailey’s best friend, Scott, while Gary Anthony Williams from “The Boondocks” lends his voice to Beta, an artificially intelligent operating system from the future. Leslie Park and Cat Harman-Mitchell make their directorial debut with the series.

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From Live-Action to Animation

From Live-Action to Animation
From Live-Action to Animation

Devin Bunje and Nick Stanton, who have an extensive portfolios as animation writers, are best known for their work in live-action TV. This series marks their first venture into creating an animated show of their own.

Stanton highlights the freedom that animation offers in terms of storytelling possibilities and world-building. The creators express their excitement about incorporating a lovable teddy bear smartphone character that accompanies Hailey on her adventures.

However, they also acknowledge the longer production process of animation compared to live-action shows. In live-action, immediate feedback from a studio audience helps gauge the success of jokes, but in animation, the process is spread over several months.

To compensate, the creators relied on their children, who provided unfiltered feedback on the show’s humor.

Empowering Kids Through Animation

Empowering Kids Through Animation
Empowering Kids Through Animation

The concept of Hailey’s On It! originated as a humorous take on a professor from the future bursting into a child’s room and revealing their future accomplishments.

As the creators developed the show, they discovered a deeper mission: to empower kids to be themselves, face their fears, and understand that individual actions can change the world.

The animation style of the series is bright and positive, reminiscent of classic shows like “DuckTales.” The decision to make it a 2D series was influenced by the creators’ appreciation for ordinary characters facing extraordinary circumstances, as seen in shows like “Futurama.”

Challenges and Relationships

Among the relatable situations in the series, Hailey’s relationship with her friend Scott takes center stage. Hailey secretly harbors a crush on Scott, and fulfilling her mission to save the world requires her to kiss him. This becomes her most challenging and procrastinated task on the bucket list.

The creators share that some episodes draw directly from their childhood memories and experiences. Personal anecdotes, such as stolen Halloween candy, find their way into the show, adding an extra layer of authenticity and relatability.

A Balance of Humor and Inspiration

Hailey’s On It! combines humor and witty banter with its underlying message of facing fears head-on. The creators emphasize the importance of knowing one’s capabilities and taking life one step at a time.

Through Hailey’s journey, the series aims to inspire viewers to realize their potential and be amazed at what they can achieve.

Devin Bunje encourages everyone watching the show to recognize their capability, even without someone telling them so. By approaching life one day, one list item, and one goal at a time, individuals can overcome their doubts and accomplish remarkable things.

Hailey’s On It! serves as a reminder that anyone can make a difference, regardless of age or perceived limitations. The series invites viewers to embrace their dreams and embark on their adventures, empowering them to change the world in their unique way.


Hailey’s On It! is a captivating and empowering animated series from Disney that instills in young viewers the belief that they can make a significant impact. Through Hailey’s courageous journey, the show encourages kids to face their fears, embrace their dreams, and take action to change the world.

With its blend of humor, relatable characters, and heartfelt messages, the series resonates with audiences of all ages.

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