What is the Sailor Moon demographic? Even though the first Sailor Moon anime episode finished before the turn of the century, it is now regarded as one of the most popular and significant works of animation. In this article, we will discuss the target audiences of Sailor Moon.

The Success of Sailor Moon 

Sailor Moon Demographic - Is It Still A Children’s Anime?
The Success of Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Soldier Sailor Moon was an instant hit when it debuted on Japanese television in 1992. Young girls (and perhaps a few young guys) fell in love with the conceited but incredibly likable Usagi Tsukino and her alter persona Sailor Moon. It was one of the biggest children’s television series to debut at the time, and it quickly achieved international success.

Because of Sailor Moon’s popularity, Toei Animation had a franchise that was conducive to goods, and it didn’t think twice about producing computer games, toys, and music CDs for its youthful, enthralled audience!

Has the tide nevertheless changed? Sailor Moon may appear more popular than ever, but do youngsters watch it? Do they purchase the goods? Is the franchise still aimed at children?

While it would be simple to chuckle at such inquiries, a closer examination reveals a franchise that has subtly changed to become a franchise for grownups (and did so with such elegant stealth that most people weren’t aware of it).

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Sailor Moon Demographic in the 1990s

When Toei Animation decided to adapt Sailor Moon, they gave a strong priority to goods, even though it may be difficult to determine whether the series’ author, Naoko Takeuchi, ever meant to create a series that was merchandisable. Sailor Moon and her comrades each have their own distinctive devices throughout the anime, as observant viewers of the program may have seen.

There was Sailor Mercury’s laptop. Those earrings belonged to Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Moon herself acquired and lost a number of weapons, and a music box played a crucial role in her confrontation with Tuxedo Mask.

To aid in disguises, there is a transformation pen. The nail polish was included because one of the sponsors insisted on it because they had a beauty line that related to the series and wanted to subtly promote it.

Sailor Moon Demographic - Is It Still A Children’s Anime?
Sailor Moon in the 1990s

The purpose of bringing the series to America was to sell girls’ dolls. Television airwaves would be filled with advertisements for dolls, such as the one shown above.

The majority of children didn’t know what the dolls were from and likely believed the series was about teenagers who loved to accessorize because the show had bad time slots prior to coming to Cartoon Network (or something to that effect).

Other nations produced action figures and fighting video games based on the show that was more appropriate, and each nation produced a line of soundtracks that were inspired by the show. Adults COULD watch Sailor Moon, but from all appearances, very few did, and the market reflected that.

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Sailor Moon Demographic in the 2010s

Sailor Moon Demographic - Is It Still A Children’s Anime?
Sailor Moon in the 2010s

It was revealed on July 6th, 2012, that Sailor Moon Crystal, a new anime to commemorate its 25th anniversary, would debut in 2013 (which got delayed until 2014). In contrast to the 90s anime, which made more creative liberties with the source material, this new anime would be a more accurate reproduction of the original manga by Takeuchi.

Unbeknownst to many viewers, this would also mean that many of the merchandise-heavy elements from the first season would not be present. Indeed, Sailor Moon Crystal had more airtime on the internet, where teenagers and adults were more inclined to watch it, than on a Japanese network, where kids were more likely to watch it.

In addition, the series received a TV-14 classification in America, and the censorship that guaranteed family acceptability for children in the 1990s was completely absent. The goods also appeared to reflect the new anime’s more mature views.

Sailor Moon Demographic - Is It Still A Children’s Anime?
Sailor Moon in the 2010s

There are either very few (or none at all) action figures, video games, and accessory dolls. There is a new Sailor Moon Club, and it appears that most of its members are adults (if Instagram is anything to go by). While it’s hard to obtain dolls and toys in stores these days, Sailor Moon charms and pricey jewelry have been released annually for a while.

Although they are still being produced, music CDs are now priced for collectors and available in small numbers. On the official Sailor Moon store page, there are no kid’s t-shirts to be seen, but pricey perfume is prominently displayed for all to see.

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Sailor Moon Demographic These Days

Sailor Moon Demographic - Is It Still A Children’s Anime?
Sailor Moon These Days

The Sailor Moon Crystal era will be brought to a close in a two-part movie as part of the series franchise’s 35th-anniversary celebration. In Japan, a museum devoted to the franchise has just been established, and new goods are still being produced. Fans may not be aware, but none of this is anything a kid would purchase.

In addition, while cosplayers from Sailor Moon are prevalent at anime conventions, you don’t see many children dressed as the Sailor Soldiers (only adults do). Even though the franchise is still being passed down to younger generations, it’s obvious from the money that adults now make up the majority of Sailor Moon’s fans.

F.A.Q.s Sailor Moon Demographic

Do girls watch Sailor Moon?

A shoujo anime or Japanese animation specifically created for young ladies, Sailor Moon is candy-colored, giddy, and packed with thrillingly constructed action set pieces.

Why never have a dub for Sailor Moon?

The fifth and final season of Sailor Moon, Sailor Stars, is somewhat significant. Due to its radical declaration that genderfluid people, you know, exist, the only season of the program that has never been dubbed into English has long been a source of debate among pearl-clutching moral guardians.

When did Sailor Moon gain popularity in the United States?

It was in 1995. Sailor Moon was a true phenomenon in the animation world. It made its premiere in Japan in 1992, and by 1995, it had come to North America in syndication. The English dub of Sailor Moon became a cultural phenomenon as a result of constant airings on Cartoon Network.

Is there a romance in Sailor Moon?

The main love story of Sailor Moon revolves around Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba. Being reincarnated from lovers who shared a lifetime of love in the Moon Kingdom, the two are essentially destined to be together before they even meet in the series.


Above is our thought on the Sailor Moon demographic. There’s no denying that a new generation of children is being introduced to the Sailor Soldiers’ exploits. However, the fact that it isn’t muchly available for kids.

In addition, there are always new experiences being created for adults indicates that Toei Animation, Bandai, and even Kodansha (whose artbooks and most recent mane3ga editions are too expensive for most kids’ allowance) read the room and realized the franchise was more valuable to adults than it was to kids, and they made the decision to pivot.

It’s strange to believe that a franchise that was primarily created to market to children is now marketing to adults, yet that is the current condition of the business.

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