The First Descendant cinematic story trailer, one of the exciting free-to-play games currently in production that will shortly have a brief beta period, has been released by the game’s creators. The cinematic trailer focuses on the world that you will explore in the game.

Overview of The First Descendant Cinematic Story Trailer

The First Descendant’s plot trailer provides a brief history of the game, letting players know what they will be fighting for and who their main foe is. Future events in The First Descendant involve the invasion of our planet by extraterrestrial beings.

Despite putting up as much of a fight as they could, humans soon come to the realization that they are the clear losers of the unfair conflict. However, all of a sudden, they are bestowed with extraordinary abilities by their ancestors, which ignites the creation of a new human army known as Descendants.

The First Descendant Cinematic Story Trailer Retells Its Main Story
Overview of The First Descendant Cinematic Story Trailer

Until a new threat emerges, humans use the power that has been placed upon them to change the course of combat and drive invaders back to their own world.

Karel gets the chance to pursue his sinister objectives, which could wipe out both universes when he takes over as the invaders’ new leader. As Descendants, players will need to cooperate in the battle to beat Karel’s constantly changing army and thwart his nefarious schemes that could end humanity.

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PC Beta Test

The First Descendant Cinematic Story Trailer Retells Its Main Story
PC Beta Test

There will be a total of 10 unlockable characters in the forthcoming beta, each with their own special powers, along with quests, weaponry, grappling hooks, and enormous boss battles. As there will be a limited number of spots available once the event goes live, gamers who are anxious to participate in the Steam beta should sign up early to reserve a position.

On The First Descendant’s Steam page, users can add the game to their wishlist and join up for the beta. Fans interested in learning more about the game’s backstory, history, characters, and other specifics should go to the brand-new The First Descendant website.

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About the game

The First Descendant Cinematic Story Trailer Retells Its Main Story
About the game

A free third-person cooperative action RPG shooter called The First Descendant has excellent visuals. With four-player cooperative gameplay, a variety of interesting characters, thrilling gunplay, and looting, you may enjoy the enjoyment of strategic boss fights.

A variety of equipment is required for progress, and you can acquire it by completing scenario tasks in the game or World Missions, where teamwork is essential and battles against enormous bosses take place.

In the game, the player becomes a Descendant and receives a task to defend the “Ingris continent” against the invaders and defend humanity. By gaining strength through numerous tasks and storylines to ultimately learn the Descendants’ truth, the player can experience an amazing story.

The First Descendant Cinematic Story Trailer Retells Its Main Story
About the game

High-quality fields created with Unreal Engine 5 let you explore the distinct atmosphere of The First Descendant and get a fresh perspective on how reality and science fiction fantasy can coexist in the same space.


  • Charming and Individual Characters: You can play a variety of characters, each with its own ideas and strategies for combat. For each character, we intend to provide a variety of customizable components, such as skins, to support character decoration.
  • Dynamic Action and Exciting Battles Using a Variety of Skills and Weapons: Experience the thrilling fights of the First Descendant, which feature a variety of characters, each with their own skill set, free mobility, and chain actions made possible by grappling hooks, colorful weapons, and other effects. The player can design any kind of battle style they like using these.
  • Battles With Huge Boss Monsters Through Cooperative Play: Through 4-player co-op play, you can take on huge boss monsters with various appearances and powers. Your competitive spirit will be piqued by the many challenges, and four-player cooperative play allows you to eliminate or extract various pieces of the massive bosses. You can enjoy a more condensed team play by focusing on the enormous boss’s gimmicks.
  • Motivating Play and Character Development: A character can be equipped with three guns, four secondary items, and many sub-weapons. Of course, there will also be things that offer new abilities, improve a character’s firearm stats, or both. A variety of equipment is a requirement for development, and you can acquire it by completing scenario tasks in the game or by participating in the World Missions, which require teamwork and confrontations with massive bosses. We offer equipment so that you can create characters that you can play as they mature through character development and the acquisition and fusion of numerous pieces of equipment. Use it to push yourself to complete activities that are more challenging and relish the rush that comes from doing so.

For the Windows PC (through Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, The First Descendant is presently under development.

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The First Descendant, the excellent-looking free-to-play looter shooter that seems to be vying for the Destiny throne, has gifted us with a brand-new cinematic teaser. It takes place in a sci-fi universe on the verge of war and is esoteric, preoccupied with forces larger than life. Indeed, so very destiny!

Players will use their enigmatic cosmic talents to protect humanity from a cosmos full of dangers, including the extraterrestrial Vulgus and the massive Collosi. It will be up to you as a Descendant to confront the adversary and solve the puzzle of your own position in the cosmos.

Sincerely, everything seems amazing, and we can’t wait to give this one a go. How would you rate The First Descendant cinematic story trailer? Are you enthusiastic about the idea of (maybe) a strong Destiny rival? Let us know how to improve your loadout in the comments area.

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