Animation Production

With real-time rendering technologies and motion capture systems, we provide full animation production services at 2X speed comparing to traditional animation production workflow. Our battle-tested real-time pipeline is fast, flexible and reliable for all your production needs.

  • Main production
  • Layout/Blocking
  • Lighting/rendering
  • Key animation & mocap
  • Hand/secondary animation
  • Facial expression, lipsync

3D Assets Creation

With an experienced in-house team and a wide co-production artist network, Animost Studio can assist you at every stage of 3D asset creation, from single asset work to full level and world creation. We are comfortable working with both film and and game-optimized assets.

  • 2D character & environment concept
  • 3D realistic and stylized characters
  • 3D environment design
  • 3D concept development
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D rigging and skinning

Motion Capture & Previz

Animost work with a wide range of professional performance artists from different fields to make sure your action ideas are well executed. We can helps Directors, D.O.P or VFX Supervisors explore previz shots, and make changes to it in real time at a visual quality that conveys their final vision.

  • Body motion capture
  • Facial motion capture
  • Mocap cleanup & edit
  • Film/game animation
  • Secondary animation
  • Real-time previsualization