Industry breaking news: Toronto-based studio – Tangent Animation – shut down

Tangent animation studio's amazing work was a staple for animation lovers worldwide. In an unexpected events, the animation studio is shutting down and laying off the entirety of its incredibly talented workforce.

Protagonist character revealed through tough choices that made under stress

Dramatize the conditions that put the character at a fiery fork in the road, then rake them through the embers to convert their actions into pivotal plot points. The thing is to frame these decisions in terms of moral principles, not moral absolutes.

Characteristics of an excellent short film (Part 3)

A film without a theme is an aimless plot with no meaning for the audience. The film's ultimate subject is the theme. These themes tell someone's point of view about the world: good triumphs over evil, love conquers all.

Characteristics of an excellent short film (Part 2)

In short films, a character's actions is frequently what makes him interesting. You must first determine what make your character appealing to the audience, and then devise ways to demonstrate those qualities or traits in action.

Characteristics of an excellent short film (Part 1)

Short films differ from feature films not only in length and scope of drama, but also in plot structure. Short films can effectively focus on the conflict in a single incident, whereas movies can focus on any number of incidents.

3 things to know to evoke emotion in the audience

Books use ideas to get to emotion, wherease movies use emotions to get to ideas. Emotion, moreover, makes us feel alive, and when a film provides us with this feeling, it has us.

Drama – the key that make or break a plot and enhance storytelling in animation movies

Drama conveys information in a way that narrative text does not. In cinema, the action must unfold in a way that is immediately understandable and creates tension to keep the audience engaged.

Editor’s role in making a comic series a hit (Part 2)

Editors should also be aware of how their characters are used in other media, including film. Editors also need to take into account other ways editors make money off characters.

Editor’s role in making a comic series a hit (Part 1)

Editors manage the creative workflow and all the pieces are typically an assembly line system to create a publishable comic.

Youtube’s new Shorts Platforms – a rival video app against increasing adoption of Tiktok

Tiktok is increasingly become expansive in terms of users ad views per day. Its rapid growth makes other platform as Youtube more decisive for new app release to compete with Tiktok high growth - Shorts platform.