The advantage of selling stock models on a 3D model marketplace is that, once you’ve established a network, the revenue is largely passive. Like everything worthwhile, it takes a lot of time and effort to establish a continuous income stream.

There are many factors that can support your success as a 3D stock vendor, but before we go any further, let’s look at the top nine online marketplaces for model sales. The markets with the highest traffic, the best royalties, and the best reputations are as follows:

Top 10 3D model marketplace

Turbosquid – Top 3D model marketplace

3D marketplace
Top 10 3D model marketplace


  • extremely vast 3D model market.
  • a long list of illustrious customers.


  • 60% of royalties are claimed unless you choose to be exclusive.
  • a market that is incredibly competitive.

Turbosquid is enormous. They have a long list of distinguished clients. Turbosquid’s enormous user base gives a significant benefit if you can somehow stand out there, but don’t anticipate uploading your models and seeing money pour in.

In all honesty, if you’re skilled enough to stand out at Turbosquid, you’re probably good enough to start searching for actual freelancing jobs, so success here will probably involve a large amount of aggressive marketing (that will pay you a heck of a lot better).

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Shapeways is one of the best 3D model marketplace


  • flexible structures for fees and royalties.
  • An intuitive website.


  • No telephone support is offered.
  • Ordered models can have expensive prices.

By enabling modelers to submit their work and sell tangible copies of their 3D models using the 3D printing technique, Shapeways (and comparable websites) have opened up an entirely new market niche. Jewelry, decorations, and miniature character statues can all be printed using 3D technology because they can be done in a wide variety of different materials.

If you’ve never heard of it before, the concept of physically printing a digital model might sound like science fiction, but the technology is now available and, as printer technology develops, has the potential to completely alter the way we think about production.

Keep in mind that further steps or conversions must be made in order to make a model “print-ready” if you intend to sell it as a 3D print.

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3D model marketplace
CGTrader is one of the best 3D model marketplace


  • a sizable community of 3D firms and artists.
  • simple to set up and utilize


  • complains about delayed response times and poor customer service.
  • Negative reviews are not properly controlled.

CGTrader, a company with roots in Lithuania, was established in 2011 and is funded by Practica Capital and Intel Capital. More than 500,000 3D artists, design firms, and companies from around the world are present in the community. Customers who can’t find what they want can also hire someone to make it.

Insanely detailed computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality game models and printing models for everything from jewelry and dollhouse accessories to engineering components are all examples of 3D models. Designers have the option of selling, streaming to a 3D printer, or using Sculpteo to have an item printed and shipped.

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Daz 3D

3D model marketplace
Daz 3D is one of the best 3D model marketplace


  • extremely large market.
  • good for those who are not proficient in 3D modeling.


  • Recommended only if you’re familiar with Poser and Daz Studio.
  • There are no design ratings.

Although Daz 3D has a sizable market, it is also quite self-contained. Although this has a lot of promise, we honestly don’t think you should consider it unless you’re familiar with Daz Studio and Poser.

If you’re hoping for a quick and simple upload, go elsewhere because they too have a rather tight set of qualifications and a manual vetting process. The advantage is that DAZ is a marketplace designed for those who need to create computer graphics but frequently lack modeling skills, making them more likely to purchase their assets.



  • has existed for some time.
  • a sizable user base.
  • Excellent for 3D modelers using Daz Studio and Poser.


  • The royalty system is not as advantageous as some.
  • Users of traditional 3D model software have more choices.

Renderosity has existed for all time. Although they have a huge user base and high-quality requirements, 3D artists utilizing conventional modeling programs like Maya, Max, and Lightwave have better options because of their relatively low royalty prices.

But if you’re into Daz Studio and Poser models, Renderosity has effectively established itself as a top marketplace, so you should absolutely consider setting up shop here (in addition to Daz 3D). Make careful to pay attention to both since their traffic is almost equal.


3D model marketplace
3Docean is one of the best 3D model marketplace


  • Compared to larger sites, the market is less congested.
  • delivers generally good-quality items.


  • One of the lowest licensing rates in the sector.
  • The bigger Envato network does not provide any marketing assistance to the site.

The massive Envato network, which includes the entire Tuts+ empire and has more than 1.4 million registered members, includes 3Docean. Even if the user base of 3Docean is probably a small portion of that, there is significantly less rivalry here than there is, for example, at Turbosquid or The 3D Studio.

Don’t rely on 3Docean as your main storefront because the non-exclusive licensing fee they provide is simply offensive. Envato products are really good, so it’s definitely worth looking into it to supplement what you’re doing at one of the major marketplaces.



  • attractive and user-friendly website.
  • one of the most competitive non-exclusive licensing costs available.


  • a respectable but not particularly large user base.

There are lots of options for everyone with over 130,000 members, and 3DExport boasts one of the most aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly site designs in the business. Despite the fact that they were created back in 2004, you can tell that everything has been updated and improved. They offer non-exclusive licenses at a price that rivals that of the market leader, The 3D Studio.


3D model marketplace
Sculpteo is one of the best 3D model marketplace


  • less crowded than large places in the market.
  • You decide how much to markup your sales.


  • fewer options for color and material than other providers.
  • Possibly more expensive to print than rival products.

Another French company that offers 3D printing is called Sculpteo. Sculpteo has a comparable business concept to Shapeways, although not receiving as much exposure in the United States. Despite a few drawbacks, it’s well worth a look.

When compared to Shapeways, Sculpteo offers fewer material and color options, and the cost to print the identical item is frequently higher. The market is, however, also less congested, so you can succeed in making sales more. Our recommendation is to browse both sites to choose which one you prefer if you’re trying to sell your models as prints.

Conclusion – Best 3D model marketplace

Selling 3D stock models on a 3D model marketplace is one of the simplest and most convenient ways for a 3D modeler to start making money. The nature of the work means you’ll learn a lot about how to create an online presence, promote yourself, and use your contacts to obtain visibility. If you’re seeking to transition into freelance work, this can be a wonderful approach to start creating a client base.

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