Animation 3-stage production

Most of you must have been familiarized yourself with the 3 stages of animation production.

Animation Pre-Production Stage: Concept development, Scenario Development, Drawing storyboard, Animatic and Concept Art Development

This is a planning stage and is done before the camera starts panning (if the project is Live Action, filming) or before drawing graphics, making motion (if it’s Animation project). Whether it can take a few hours, days, or months, pre-production will help you with a comprehensive project plan. This phase also includes finding filming locations and casting actors.

Animation Production Stage: Filming, Drawing graphics, Animating

If it’s Live Action, production begins when the team is filming. This is the process of recording all the intended pre-production footage. Sometimes the project will require B-roll recording during production (B-Roll is the extra footage added to the finished video product)

If it is Animation, the production phase begins with drawing graphics or 3D models (characters, background …) for the entire animation film according to Storyboard and Concept Art in Pre-production. The artists will then complete the motion for each scene before entering the next stage.

Animation Post-Production Stage: Editing, Color Grading, CG, Effects…

Post-production begins when all shooting is completed. In this step, graphics can be added to the movie scenes, as well as color correction and special effects if present. Editors (movie editors) are very important because you will assemble the discrete video clips into a complete product with reputable images for the audience to enjoy.


Modern 3D Motion Design enhance better visuals for videos produced by animation studio

A Motion Designer is defined as a designer using a creative visual language that inspires viewers through interesting motion effects and convey the intentional message effectively. Motion Design requires profound skills in thinking, storytelling, logic then interacting with computer science.

Motion Design is an art form that brings design drawings to life through motion. Or to put it literally, Motion Design is a way to bring motion graphics to a purpose that designers want. According to the history line, the development of Motion Design firstly comes from the motion (Kinetic) text (Typography), helps us to transform static letters come to life. Similarly, simple Graphic Elements (graphics, images, shapes, forms, strokes, lines …) such as square, circle, triangle, … can all be connected and become more fun. interesting movements.

CRAZY ENOUGH (Title Sequence)


Motion Design is also used to turn Photography into an interesting video.

“The Old New World” (Photo-based animation project)


Live action footage is also used as a graphic element in combination with other visual effects to increase visual stimulation for the viewer. In the video below, this artist will perform and watch patiently, you will see graphic elements such as box, line art appear and move along with this guy looking extremely eye-catching. That is Motion Design.

Unleash Your Fingers


To enhance the viewing experience, 3D was developed and this is a key component that makes Motion Design more virtual and enjoyable.


The story of 3D started about 40 years ago and really flourished in the 90s. Before that time, due to the limitation of 3D image reproduction technology, the application of the art form. This is not quite as much as filmmakers or advertisers do at the moment. In the early days, 3D Motion Design was used for title video (Ident, Title Design) for television stations. The effect is created practically or through a large machine called Scanimate. Parallel to that time was the development of industries CGI (Computer-generated imagery), VFX (Visual Effect) and Games.



As the rapidly changing field of technology, computer science develops constantly, accompanied by the immense creativity of the art field, there is a strong development in the field of Motion Design in the world as well as in Vietnam. That change really helps the 3D animation studios to create better visual for animation video throughout their 3-stage animation production.

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