So you would like to have a 3D animation series?

The first thing to know is how to start collaborating well with a 3D animation studio such as Animost Studio. At Animost Studio, we have always prided ourselves as being one of the most talented animation studio in Vietnam and South East Asia.

To kick-start your animation series, the tip to remember is to write a good brief. A brief would help people on the other side to know exactly what you have in mind.

Below is a detailed guide to write a good brief for collaborating with a 3d animation studio.

1. Define your animation series’ purpose

Your brief needs to clearly state the animated series’ purpose.


2. Tell animation studio about your target audience

The animation studio needs to understand the audience. So give the animation studio as much example of your audience as possible. Like, their age, gender, occupation,etc.


3. Tell animation studio about your budget

You should have a budget allocated for producing your animation series. Animation studios can based on that information to choose a suitable ways of animation production that suit your budgets. Animation studios can give you a selection of different options for animation making.

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4. Provide examples of animation series you like and dislike

Provide the animation studio with some examples of animation series that you like or dislike. Also, you will have to make it clear to the animation studio about your expectation for the quality for your animated series.

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5. Tell animation studio about the animation production timeline

Finally, you should let the animation studio know about the production timeline. For example, you want your animation series to get published regularly. So you need the animation studio to maintain production and ensure to deliver 2 episodes per month or one episode per week. Each episode of your animated series is about 2 mins long, etc.

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Never request animation studios for animation production without explain in advance your ideas to the animation studio you choose to work with. Remember to go through all the detail related to the animated series with the animation studio. Such as what is your animated series‘ purpose, who are your target audience, how much is your budget, what animation series you like or dislike, the production timeline, etc.

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