3D animation production studios around the world should have had more production opportunities in the last few years than a decade ago, when 3d animation becomes an integral process of creating creative prominent artworks, exhibition, advertisement, etc… all over the world.

Many of you must have seen numerous application of 3d animation, besides familiar application in films and movies. One of the most popular places where 3d animation appear is in public art centres and festivals.

We will give you some idea of how creative 3d animation being applied and how 3d animation can trigger emotion and excitement as in Sydney Opera House. You would wonder how animation production in Asia Pacific could inspire other more creative idea in the future. Anyone could get the idea very clearly through this post.

3d animation production in Asia Pacific go for higher level of creative animated ideas

When talking about Sydney, most of us would think about Sydney Opera House – the symbolic art centre of this city.
The facility features a modern design, with a series of large concrete “shells” forming the roofs of the structure. The building covers 1.8 hectares of land and is 183 m long and 120 m wide. Sydney Opera House become the most regional popular art centre, which host well over 1,500 performances attended by more than 1.2 million people annually.

If you’re lucky enough to have been in Sydney in recent years, then you’ll probably have seen or experienced Vivid, an event that incorporates lights, music and other festivities around the city. It’s also known as the 15 minutes of animated content for projection mapping onto the Opera House’s iconic sails. This is one of the drawcard attractions each year for tourism going to the Sydney Opera House.

Vivid 2019 – Sydney Opera House


Creative and 3D animation production process

The most interesting part of the creative process is the idea for the animated content for the projection. The production team was asked to develop characters based on abstract floral flowers that will rise and fall and dance intangibly in 12 minutes like a ballet dancers. Of course it’s just an idea of some animated ballet. But could you imagine dancers are the flowers? No doubt, it’s a novel idea you’ve never heard of. And that idea was developed and produced into an admiring projection on the iconic sails of Sydney Opera House.


The animation section was possible for those abstract flowers by connecting the floral characters to the the real dancers and her movement via motion capture.

sydney opera house


The final results of the motion capture paid off well. The look and feel of floral ballet was so real and authentic that audience almost can’t get their eyes off the sails.

In collaboration with an Asia Pacific 3D animation production and mocap studio, the production team could ensure a live and real time performance.

All of the projection relied mainly on content. Nearly 30,000 frames of 4k content. And each character was essentially a moving simulation. So the whole projection is a live and dynamic simulation of abstract floral dancing that 3d animation production and mocap studio has to ensure the rendering go smoothly. If there’s something unexpectedly fails in the render, the studio needs to be able to pick back up instead of start all over again.

Much of this project was about balance. Some wild results along the way, some horrifying, some beautiful, but there was a balance and reverence maintained to ensure the dance itself is original. So the production team come of with the idea of creating a single motion clip for each of the floral dancers. Each clip ranges from 2 min to 5 min in length for each character.



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Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

year end party animost team



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