Building Movement-based personality for 3d animated abstract characters

The imagery feels so fluid and almost procedural. The characters were much more gestural in nature because much of their presence was from their motion itself. So instead of focusing on the character sculpt to suggest corresponding personality, the animation production and mocap studio chose to focus more on the movement fluid. And considering this as the best way to express character personality.

sydney opera house 2


Fundamentally, musical element dominates how all things should be designed in the projection. In other words, it’s musical theme based content, thus, it was all about getting the personality from music and character movement. Every aspect from the characters to the colors had to have a flow. It all came down to rhythms making and syncing.

Vivid 2019 – Waratah – BEMO


Refinement of 3d animated abstract characters

To make the final look pop and clearly legible on the sails of the Sydney Opera House, there were some guidelines and restrictions during the design and refinement process of the characters.

An experienced production team would realize the bold colors and both high and low-frequency shapes moving is the intention of keeping the final look from being too noisy.
sydney opera house 3


Design-wise is the first word come to any experienced 3d animation production studio when seeing Vivid.


Vivid 2019 – Kangaroo Paw – BEMO

As can be seen from above video, all the details related to the characters were refined with an aim of conveying the simple concept of fluid ballet movement. It’s such an amazing artwork that not only mocap the hero but the design-wise of characters should also be deserved for the credits for the animated show.


3d animation and limitless potential for creativity and adult content

Many of us may wonder how to apply 3D animation to change a habit or awareness toward a problem or matter or things or people? Literally there’s no limit to the impacts and potential that 3D animation could deliver. The limit is the imagination of content production team.

3d animation grant more unlimited expressive content potential, regardless real-world or cinematic purpose. The fact that many viewers simply have never been exposed to other animated animation which discuss serious matters such as politics, culture, environment doesn’t mean 3D animation is made for kids only. Issues such as injustice, or racism, or gender, or discrimination, etc.. have been well-explored in animation so far and have proved to impact much more effectively than many live action films. Because when it comes to educational purpose, animation has limitless potential than any other action films.

For example, below is the story about animal abusing that is aimed to convey a meaningful reminder to adult audience. The video was produced by Animost studio – a Digicon’s quality-animation-awarded, 3D animation production studio from Vietnam:


Even with challenging topics, animation can make the storytelling more attractive and the content become more visually compelling. In contrast with real action, animation can use symbolism and make it stick to the audience mind much more effectively.

There are many ways in which animation remains relevant to audience as adults. After all, we are always searching for life meaning via good storytelling. And because animation perfectly combines visual virtuosity with attractive storytelling, real-life be stimulated animation makes the scene appear so real that adults love to hear and see more of it. This is why it brings limitless potential for multiple purpose. It could be utilized for marketing, or for entertainment, or for education, or for cultural enhancing, etc… Many of us can benefit from utilizing animation and its appealing visuals and animated storytelling.


The Asia Pacific 3d animation production studio just inspires more creative animated ideas via the success of projection Vivid. In short, by collaborating with 3D animation production studio, content creators have absolute more freedom to go wherever their imagination takes them.


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Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

year end party animost team

Consolidated by Animost in collaboration with Branding Simple

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