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Pixar Animation Studio is another of the largest, most beloved and most recognized animation companies in the world. Pixar Animation Studio was co-founded by Steve Jobs – the co-founder and visionary leader of Apple. In 2006, Pixar Animation Studio was acquired by The Walt Disney Company for more than $7 billion.
Breaking into the film industry with the first computer-animated film ever, Toy Story, in 1995, Pixar Animation Studio was quickly and widely known as one of the most prestigious computer animation studios in the world. Pixar was thus well recognized for having produced Toy Story. The animation studio went on to produce some of the most critically and financially successful films, including: WALL-E, Ratatouille, Inside Out and Brave.
Some of their most feature films became blockbuster including the Toy Story franchise, Finding Nemo, Up, The Incredibles and Coco. Pixar Animation studio has won numerous awards over the years. Many of these awards were awarded by Oscars.


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Pixar Animation Studio has produced more than 21 feature films – a notable achievements to any animation companies.

Many people would say the Recipe for Pixar block busters in the theatres lie in their really, really good storytelling.
Pixar produces dozens of films not only to delight and entertain audiences but also to become the spiritual champions of good storytelling.

The creative folks at Pixar are gurus of storytelling. And they have been rewarded handsomely for mastering that art in every animation movie they produced. 21 feature films they have released over the last three decades made a total of $13 billion in gross. That’s epic! That number meant $700 million per movie in revenue! Four of these 21 feature animation movies are even on the list of Top 50 Highest Grossing Films of All Time. What’s a record! Absolutely astounding statistics!


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Pixar got nominated by 19 Academy Awards and 8 Golden Globe Awards. That meant even the pickiest critics seem to enjoy their films as well. And it’s all because they have mastered the art of storytelling. The reason these Pixar classics were such massive hits was because they touched on so many fundamental truths.

Toy Story

The story of Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear the Futuristic Astronaut amazed kids and adults audience alike regardless of wherever they are around the world. Not just because it is a great story, but also because it plays off some major fundamental truths: the power of friendship and the timeless pains of adding no further value.

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These truths are the reasons why Toy Story can resonate and touch millions of audiences at the same time.

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The futuristic WALL-E is developed into good story based on fundamental truths.

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Not only does the animated film tap into the truths of loneliness and pursuing love, but it also serves as a literal warning to humanity. From making our planet less green to making our bodies obese and functionless, WALL-E change deep inside everyone.

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Every Pixar movie is really about how to tell a good story. During Pixar’s early years there was even one set motto repeated by its filmmakers: “Story Is King.”

Of course, lots of other animation companies can tell a great story. Other animation companies can also produced well animated and fun to watch films. However, in order to harness the power of storytelling as Pixar did, it’s required that the movie must tell a story that resonates. Ones that resonated both with the kids as the main audience, as well as the parents that brought them there.


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Pixar was able to reach deep down inside their audience and found truths that well resonated. Audiences will surely keep buying more and more tickets to support for Pixar Animation Studio. As it keeps proving over and over again that the studio is number one in heartfelt animation.

For decades, Pixar animation studio has managed to create characters that we all love. The animation studio also managed to tell stories that appeal to all ages, not just the younger audience. Pixar is a prime example of how creativity breeds excellence.

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