Are you looking for the best animation software for anime? This article, which examines a variety of paid, free, online, and open-source solutions, was intended to assist you in finding the finest animation software for anime.

This overview will undoubtedly assist you in finding what you require, regardless of whether you are just beginning your animation career, searching for a replacement for your current software, or are interested in experimenting with a whole different animation technique.

9 best animation software for anime

Character Animator

With the help of the 2D animation program Character Animator, you can bring objects created in Photoshop or Illustrator or imported from other programs or websites to life. With the use of this tool, you can quickly make a character speak and accurately mimic your facial expressions.

It’s simple to figure out how to utilize this anime animation maker. Connect your webcam and microphone first. The next step is to load a character (also known as a “puppet”) into Adobe Character Animator that is prepared for animation.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Character Animator is one of the best animation software for anime

To animate the character, the software will monitor and record your face and voice. Among many other animations, you can configure pre-determined triggers and functions to start walking, item-holding, and gesturing animations.

When contrasting Adobe Animate and Character Animator, it is safe to conclude that the former is excellent software for creating both straightforward and complicated vector drawings, and the latter is a specialized 2D animation program for more experienced users.

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The critically acclaimed Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and other classics were produced using the Toonz anime animation program, which is used by several well-known filmmakers and a prominent Japanese studio.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Toonz is one of the best animation software for anime

This is the ideal solution for your needs if your objective is to develop a simple production process without the need to work with outside parties. You don’t have to worry about externalizing the animation process because Toonz Harlequin & Toonz Bravo offer paperless animation support, which is really helpful if you’re on a low budget.

This tool is a wonderful option for both experts and beginners because it has a ton of features geared toward producing high-quality anime, such as blur, glow, and color correction among many others. Toonz can be purchased by going to their official website.

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Adobe Animate

You should always aim to get your hands on the best program accessible, whether you need an anime art program for your own fun or to wow a huge audience. It’s challenging to find a tool as sophisticated and useful as Adobe Animate when it comes to animation in general, whether it’s cartoons or anime.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Adobe Animate is one of the best animation software for anime

The tools for drawing and animating characters are all included in this software, along with a library of several brushes that may be supplemented with third-party brushes. It should be mentioned that you may download Adobe Animate for free to learn the fundamental features or you can select another program.

You may use Adobe Animate to give your characters life, create animated sketches and avatars, and add dynamic and engaging elements to your eLearning and infographic projects. Once you’re done, just click the publish button to share your work in your choice format across a variety of platforms and expand its potential audience.

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Autodesk 3ds Max

Recently, cell-shaded 3D animations have gained popularity. Implementing them is much easier when all the character designs are complete because you won’t need to spend hours figuring out how to hand-draw each character from every perspective. That’s precisely why this anime animation creator may be your most trustworthy ally.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the best animation software for anime

This choice is appropriately listed alongside other 3D modeling programs. The fact that Autodesk 3ds Max is not a unidirectional tool is among its most outstanding features.

You can almost certainly take on any 3D modeling or animating project you can think of once you’ve paid for a subscription. With this software, everything is possible, including video games, anime, and lengthy 3D productions.

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Toon Boom Harmony

The greatest animation program for anime is Toon Boom Harmony, which can easily meet the needs of both experienced and novice animators. With the aid of this program, you can put your ideas into practice and make cut-out animations in the classic drawn and flash style, add particle effects, and combine 2D and 3D materials.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Toon Boom Harmony is one of the best animation software for anime

With the help of this anime animation maker, you can build beautiful cartoons by utilizing drawing, rigging, and animation tools, among other things.

With the help of the program, you may adjust the texture and color effects by using professional palettes and painting tools. A selection of features is also available for traditional frame-by-frame animation. Additionally, it allows you to apply additional effects like volume and lighting and add 3D components to 2D characters.

Additionally, Toon Boom Harmony skillfully manages the composition and supports a variety of camera angles. It supports multi-layer PSD, PSB, Illustrator, PDF, BMP, and audio files, and it connects with other programs.


This online anime animation maker offers a variety of plans that are suited for both novice and expert users. Each plan offers useful functions and resources that will enable you to make cool anime projects in a variety of styles.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Animaker is one of the best animation software for anime

You can create typography animations as well as 2D, 2.5D, infographics, and handicraft films with this excellent anime art application. It is also one of the greatest free whiteboard animation programs available today.

Animaker supports full HD video and both horizontal and vertical video layouts. You can utilize the library’s more than 100 charts, 1000 icons, and 3000 maps to create infographics. Additional skilled animation tools exist as well, such as record, multi-move, curve, camera in and out, transition effects, and enter/exit effects.

Vyond Studio

Vyond Studio is the ideal tool if you’re wanting to create captivating explainers, whiteboards, or other animated movies. No matter the user’s ability level, this software was created for all types of users.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Vyond Studio is one of the best animation software for anime

You can produce character-based animations and captivating data visualizations using its robust features. The program features an excellent library of pre-built templates and components, as well as a convenient drag-and-drop capability. Additionally, you can import MP4 movies and picture files. Various enter and exit effects are also provided.

Another important feature of this anime art application is automatic lip-syncing. Additionally, a library of characters, pan zooms, and camera angles may all be completely customized.


Toonator can handle both types of tasks, whether you want to alter some graphics or start fresh and make a funny animation. It is a free online tool for animating anime that in no way restricts your imagination.

Top 9 Best Animation Software for Anime (2022 Update)
Toonator is one of the best animation software for anime

The fact that you can utilize this application on your tablet effortlessly is what I appreciate best about it. Simply open the required window and begin sketching with your fingertips or a pen. Additionally, if you don’t feel ready to start a challenging project, this manga animation program provides several tutorials to get you started.

Toonator provides a number of templates and frames that you can use with your cartoons. The inability to design your own frames is the sole drawback. As a result, it will always be obvious that Toonator was used to produce your animation.


One of the greatest animation programs for beginners is Moho since it makes the creative process easier. However, skilled experts also use this tool to produce animation in the Japanese style. Moho Debut and Moho Professional are the two software versions offered by the developers. The latter provides sophisticated animation tools.

No matter what version you select, you will receive both conventional and contemporary tools. The Smart Bones function may be found in Moho 12, the most recent release of this anime animation maker. Users can improve character movements and facial expressions.

There is less distortion now around a character’s joints thanks to significant software improvements. Instead of touching every bone, you may control your facial expressions and head-turning with easy dial movements. You can quickly and easily animate complex movements in this way.

Conclusion – Best animation software for anime

Above is our list of the best animation software for anime. The time it takes to make animations can be greatly decreased with the aid of the top anime animation software. Others support automatic limb motion while relying on the laws of physics, while some tools allow you to generate facial animations by using a webcam to scan your face. Some alternatives use automatic lip-synching.

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