Are you seeking for best ways to make money with 3D modeling? Here are nine excellent suggestions to get you going! There are many ways to make money whether you want to make 3D models for video games, movies, or other creative endeavors. There are numerous methods to make money with 3D modeling, and the 3D modeling industry is growing rapidly on a global scale.

You’ll discover the best 9 techniques to monetize 3D modeling in this article. Let’s start now!

State of the 3D Industry

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
State of the 3D Industry

Technology and globalization are changing the 3D industry. Outsourcing to artists in low-wage nations allows for the completion of simple grunt tasks for a fraction of the previous prices. With the use of technology, we can automate processes like 3D scanning and motion capture to make it more affordable for studios to produce specific types of pictures.

Competition in this globally diversified industry is at an all-time high and ludicrous bidding wars on freelance platforms like Upwork. Some have recommended that you should change your focus from learning how to do all the dirty labor yourself to learning how to bring the proper people together to accomplish the task in order to compete with low-wage countries.

This entails developing your financial acumen in addition to your artistic abilities in the 3D industry.

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9 Best ways to make money with 3D modeling

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
9 Best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Sell 3D Models Online

If you have the skills to create 3D models, you may make a large profit by selling them online. You may post and sell your 3D models on a number of websites, including TurboSquid and CGTrader. 

A wonderful method to earn additional money or maybe launch a new profession is by selling 3D models online. Before beginning, you need to be aware of a few things. Here are some pointers for online 3D model sales:

  • Choose the right platform. Online marketplaces are among the many options for selling 3D models. Certain types of models work better on some systems than others. Find the ideal forum for your models by doing some research.
  • Make sure your models are high quality. No matter what platform you’re on, this is crucial. People prefer to purchase 3D models that are expertly built and presented. Your models are generally not going to sell if they fall short of these requirements.
  • Promote your models. When you have a few top-notch 3D models for sale, you must let others know about them. Use internet forums, social media, and other communication tools to disseminate the message.

Sell 3D Models on Stock Websites

You can offer your 3D models for sale on stock websites if you don’t want to sell them directly. For their projects, designers and developers can purchase pre-made 3D models from these websites. So, if you have a fantastic model that you believe others could use, post it on a stock website and you’ll get paid every time it sells.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
Sell 3D Models on Stock Websites is one of the best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Regrettably, it’s not quite that easy. You must have a thorough understanding of the market and what customers desire in order to successfully sell 3D models on stock websites.

Here is a brief summary of the essential information concerning selling 3D models on stock websites. You grant the purchaser of a 3D model you sell on a stock website permission to use the model in their projects. The model cannot be sold or distributed again, and the buyer might need to give you credit if they use it.

A 3D model’s cost is often determined by its complexity and the rights it comes with. A straightforward model with few rights, for instance, would sell for $10, whereas a more intricate model with many more rights might sell for $100 or more. You must produce models that people are truly looking for if you want to make money selling 3D models on stock websites.

This entails producing models that are of a high caliber and satisfy the needs of the consumers. Popular 3D model creation can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Staying current with 3D modeling trends is one method to ensure that your models are in demand. By doing this, you may produce models that are in line with what potential customers want.

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Offer 3D design services

A proficient 3D modeler can be useful to a wide range of businesses and sectors. If you have adequate expertise, these companies may recruit you as an inside employee or as a freelancer. Compared to online 3D model sales, this is a considerably more reliable source of income.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
Offer 3D design services

There is a significant market of businesses looking for 3D modelers. The kind of 3D modeling you excel at will have a big impact on what kind of industry you will fit into. If you enjoy building or constructing models, you might make a strong candidate for plumbing, mechanical, or electrical detailing firms or engineering design firms.

Those that specialize in 3D sculpting could discover that these companies are a better fit for them. These might be companies that produce action figures, video games, or animation. Additionally, visual effects studios are employed as third-party services for movies and video games. Of course, it greatly helps if you have the ability to generate your own original ideas and build models from scratch.

The benefit of this strategy is that you can wind up in a well-known industry and land a well-paying job. Because talent in this area is still scarce, these organizations continue to pay very competitive rates to highly talented 3D modelers. As a 3D modeler for a reputable company, it is perfectly feasible to make more than $100,000 annually.

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Offer 3D scanning services

If you’d prefer not to create 3D models from scratch, 3D scanning is a very good substitute. Using 3D scanners to make digital replicas of actual artifacts has also grown to be fairly popular, whether for documentation purposes or for entertainment.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
Offer 3D scanning services one of the best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Over the past few years, 3D scanners have significantly decreased in price, but many consumers will likely just use them once. A reputable 3D scanning service can be helpful in these situations.

Offering a high-quality 3D scanning service becomes much simpler if you are familiar with 3D modeling. After all, 3D scanners are not infallible, therefore some reworking may be required to produce models that are as attractive as feasible. Additionally, you might need to remove some difficult-to-avoid artifacts from 3D scanning.

A 3D scanner and 3D modeling abilities can enable you to enter a completely new market. You might be able to scan pieces of machinery or home appliances with damaged parts and create models of replacement components. Additionally, you can scan people’s faces to improve the models’ appearances.

Create 3D Models for Video Games

The creation of characters and environments for video games is one of the most well-liked applications for 3D modeling. Several companies use independent contractors to build 3D models for their video games if you’re interested in this industry.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
Create 3D Models for Video Games

By just following your interest or passion, you can make a good amount of money by producing amazing and imaginative 3D models for video games. There are several options for 3D modeling software that can be used to create 3D models for video games. 

Create 3D Models for Movies and TV Shows

There are various ways to generate money-building models for movies and TV shows if you are competent in 3D modeling and want to leverage your skills in the entertainment sector. One choice is to operate as a freelancer, designing and producing models in accordance with the demands of various clients.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
Create 3D Models for Movies and TV Shows

By registering with a freelancer site like Fiverr or Upwork or by personally pitching your skills to people in the entertainment sector, you can find lots of employment.

Making and selling stock models is a different approach to earning money. There are various online marketplaces where you may list and sell your 3D models, and many modelers rely on stock model sales as their primary source of income.

3D Printing is one of the best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Another fantastic option to profit from your expertise in 3D modeling is to launch a 3D printing company. You may turn your computer models into actual physical objects with a 3D printer. Then you can sell these items offline, online, or at craft shows and other gatherings.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
3D Printing is one of the best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Why not earn money from 3D printing if you have a solid salary and are passionate about it? Whether you sell your products online or through physical storefronts, there are several ways to profit from 3D printing.

There are many prospects in the fast-expanding field of 3D printing for individuals who are creative and make a good living. Both online and offline, there are many ways to profit from 3D printing. Selling your designs might be a lucrative endeavor if you have a talent for 3D modeling. The secret is to identify a specialized market and provide designs that clients will pay for. You can start selling your designs once you’ve accumulated a portfolio of them.

Sell Courses about 3D modeling

You must acknowledge that, as a 3D modeling master, you have a skill that many other people wish they could learn. You have another chance to make some money using this talent here.

You can create training programs for 3D modeling and host them on platforms like Coursera or Udemy. Although the most well-liked courses are only $20 or less, you must assume that many people will enroll in them. Making the classes simple to follow with helpful examples and activities definitely helps. Also helpful are a catchy title and image.

On the other hand, you can create videos of your lessons and put them on your own YouTube channel. You could begin making money off of your films if you have a sufficient number of viewers and subscribers. There is a chance for a significant reward, but it can take a while and will require a lot of labor. To pull this out, you will need at least some fundamental video editing abilities.

Write a Book About 3D Modeling

If you’re searching for a longer-term strategy to profit from your expertise in 3D modeling, you can consider penning a book on the subject. If you are an authority on the subject and wish to impart your expertise to others, this is a fantastic choice. You have the option of self-publishing your book or submitting your proposal to established publishers.

best ways to make money with 3D modeling
Write a Book is one of the best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Another fantastic approach to using 3D modeling to make money is to publish a book, but this is not for beginners. Any of the approaches described in this article’s preceding section is a good option if you’re a newbie.


Do 3D modelers get paid well?

The average yearly wage for 3D modelers in the United States is $75,946, or $37 per hour. The bottom 10% earn less than $50,000 annually, while the richest 10% earn over $114,000 annually.

Is there a demand for 3D models?

Unsurprisingly, the need for 3D models is expanding as the video game business expands. Many programmers and small game studios lack the resources or time to make each unique prop required to complete a scenario in their video games.

What kind of 3D models sell best?

In actuality, not all 3D models will be profitable. It’s a difficult thing to take, especially after sacrificing hours of work time. We must concentrate on determining which 3D models will sell and which won’t. We discovered that the most popular 3D model categories for sales are those including animals, autos, space, science, and medicine.

Do I need a degree in 3D modeling?

No, a degree is not necessary to become a 3D artist. The most typical route for a 3D artist is, to begin with, a bachelor’s degree in a related profession, like graphic design, animation, or the fine arts.

Conclusion – Best ways to make money with 3D modeling

Above are some of the best ways to make money with 3D modeling. Although it has gained popularity in recent years, 3D modeling is still a skill that is in high demand. Being able to work with or construct 3D models from scratch has become even more valuable with the emergence of 3D printing and scanning.

There are various different ways to make money using your 3D modeling talents. Of sure, investing in yourself is the finest investment. The greatest method to get the attention of big businesses or studios is to constantly improve your abilities and create better 3D models. High-quality 3D models can sell for several hundred dollars on the open market.

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