Virtual machines gradually gain favor among the industry

The video below was made with virtual workstations, which means working in the cloud.

Virtual machines on the cloud allow remote working as well.

This is an image of an animation artist works on virtual machines on the cloud:

virtual production artist

From motion graphics design and live action production to developing original content… This flexibility of virtual machine, virtual production has proven advantageous to animation studios or VFX studios as the studios transitioned to a full WFH (work from home) model.

Collaboration between artists has also benefitted as the studios embrace working on the cloud. Each individual can open or view project files instantly and securely from anywhere, even outside and very faraway from the studio. They can work at the same time as a team, allowing for more fluid creative processes.


How a VFX animation studio went fully virtual

Hive VFX studio is operating completely on the cloud. It’s a fully virtual company.

Below is the picture of it’s recent action films, named Spenser Confidential and Extraction, a Netflix’s most-watched original feature to date.

spenser confidential

A scene from ‘Spenser Confidential’

Hive VFX studio uses an approach that keeps overhead low while simplifying the artist on-boarding process. This has become Hive’s standardized process.

A virtual future

Cloud-based solutions such as virtual machine, virtual production have been on the priority for animation studios. Many studios are finding surprising benefits through this new way of working. As the world all adjust to the new reality, it will be interesting to see if virtual cloud-based production could shape the future of the industry. And if this changes could be permanent to animation studios and VFX studios.



Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

year end party animost team

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