Finishing a design is only half the battle. The final step is to choose a reputable 3D model marketplace or platform where you can market and sell your stunning creations. Afterwards, all you have to do is to build and market your model to the general public.

Select a 3D marketplace that meets your requirements

Finding an internet marketplace that suits the theme of your 3D model is the most straightforward way to sell your creations. There are a plethora of online 3D marketplaces where 3D models may be bought and sold, thus the choice is entirely up to the artist. Some are specialized in computer-generated designs, while others are specialized in architectural models or jewelry, among other things, so it’s truly up to you.

What you need to realize is that each of these markets has its own traffic and royalty fees, which you should be aware of. The general rule of thumb is to select those who pay the biggest royalties possible. You can generate more money each sale by selling to those who take the least percentage.

Do not forget to keep an eye on the website’s traffic as well. The more visitors the site receives, the more likely your models will be seen by potential purchasers. If you want to know how much traffic a particular website receives, you can look at its Alexa ranking to get an idea.

The best 3D model marketplaces on the internet

Now that your 3D designs may be licensed for commercial usage, you’re in a better position than before. Fortunately, you no longer have to physically knock on doors and sell your stuff in your community to make a living. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 7 finest locations to sell your work on the web:

TurboSquid – High quality 3D model marketplace

One of the greatest and largest marketplaces for high-quality 3D models is TurboSquid, which has over 500,000 models in its library and is probably the most well-known. A lot of people go to the site therefore it’s an excellent area to obtain exposure and sales. With TurboSquid, you can earn up to 80% of the royalties from the sale of your work. By selling exclusively here, you can obtain their greatest royalty rates. You’ll also be included in their emails and website pages, and you’ll receive information on the most popular categories and keywords to promote.

CGTrader – Professional 3D model marketplace

There is a big professional designer community behind CGTrader, the world’s largest 3D model marketplace for computer graphics, VR, AR, and gaming. Large corporations and businesses looking for high-quality 3D models to employ in their projects can be acquired here. Alternatively, they might pay you as a designer to create a model from scratch if the model they require is not available on the platform. Sales-based royalties can reach up to 90 percent, making it the most lucrative business in the market today.

Shapeways – 3D model marketplace with 3D printing options

Shapeways is a great platform that lets you upload 3D models and sell them in physical form. Customers may 3D print your designs in whatever color or material they choose because there is a wide variety of 3D printing materials available. The site’s royalty scale is adjustable. They set a pricing based on the 3D print manufacturing costs (think volume and material). Then you may decide how much of a markup you want to include in the price. Shapeways allows you to establish an 80% markup, but doing so puts you at risk of overcharging customers.

Cults3D – 3D model marketplace with best social network

This is a marketplace and social network for designers and buyers of 3D printable artifacts. There are numerous categories to choose from, including fashion items, jewelry, furnishings, electronics, games, and equipment. When you join Cults and post your first 3D model, you’re officially a merchant there. If your work is solely available on Cults, you will be routinely featured on their homepage, social media, and newsletters.

Renderosity – 3D model marketplace with largest online art community

This 2D and 3D online art community is one of the largest digital content marketplaces, with almost 800,000 members. The MarketPlace provides free advertising choices as well as reasonable industry prices to those who desire to market their products on their platform.

Sketchfab – 3D model marketplace with 1.3 million of users

Models hosted on Sketchfab’s site, which offers a community of 1.3 million users, now have a “paid download” feature. Users who want to start selling their models and have them listed in the Sketchfab store should fill out an application to become sellers on the site. Sketchfab takes a 30 percent cut of all sales.

Etsy – 3D model marketplace for DIY niches

If you’re a do-it-yourself craftsperson, you’re probably already familiar with Etsy. This e-commerce website offers a huge fan base, and the variety of things available in its marketplace is among the most diverse available anywhere. Whether it’s apparel and accessories, furniture, jewelry, phone cases, or anything else, Etsy is a terrific location to sell 3D printed objects. With so many options, a 3D printer may be a wise investment.


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