Have you ever thought of seeing an animated series that has the same characters and storyline to your favorite comic books? Yes! It’s not a brand new ideas, but it still remains as a great idea.

We will tell you why in this post by exploring how a small 3D animation production studio was capable of producing kids animated series. The series eventually went widespread and popular to screen audience on Disney broadcasting as well as Netflix video streaming channel.

Saving more production fund by making an animated series based on a familiar comic book set

Animated series production is always a pricey idea. That is especially true when the series is aimed for fictional storyline.

The process to brainstorm, research and create the character designs, the storyboards, screenwriting as well as many other complicated factors behind the scene just to make the visuals and the aesthetic appearance pop out. This often known as creative process is a heavy time-consuming and money-consuming process.

When the animated series is based on a fictional storyline, it would require the team more time for creative process. As the characters must be as unique as alien, yet as vivid as a human being. That creative process is really tough for animation studios especially those with a small 3D animation production team.

That’s the reason why the idea of producing adventure movie based on successful comic books is always a great idea. It helps to save more production fund for any 3d animation studio. The studio could just focus on the 3D animation production. That way 3D animation production studio could deliver what’s they are best at.

For example, below is the trailer of an animated movie that’s coming soon in 2021. The film is under production by a small 3d animation studio, named 95 studio.


Movie name: Gulliver Returns

Type: Full-length hand-made animated feature

Length: 90 mins estimate

Genre: Adventure

Plot: World traveler Gulliver gets an invitation to return to the town he previously saved from the enemy fleet, named Lilliput. The King of Lilliput made his people believe earlier that the legendary Gulliver was a giant and he accepted to return. And the whole town had been getting ready to welcome a giant by building accommodation for him. However, the giant thing was not true. So when the Lilliput people discovered Gulliver was actually an ordinary man, they all got disappointed. The King ordered to execute Gulliver. Meanwhile, the enemy threat come back again. Gulliver proved that even a normal people could do great things, and friendship and love could prevail.

With all the characters and storyboards based on similar comic books about adventures, it’s much easier for the studio with small animation team to produce such film.

Jingliks – The animated series’ background information

The JingleKids series was adapted from the original children’s books (called Jingliks).



The whole set for the series is Jingle City. There are both humans characters and furry creatures. They all go through exciting adventures together.

Below is the first official teaser video published 5 years ago:

Jingliks Official Teaser


The animated series’ production began with a small team located in Saint Petersburg. Once the show got noticed, the team became known widely before being acquired by Open Alliance Media. This studio eventually produced the whole series.

Though producing a series of such high quality is not an easy process, it eventually was paid off well. The Russian-made kids animated series Jingliks was recognized for its high quality animation. After the first four episodes, Disney Russia made a decision to acquire exclusive tv rights for the whole series to get it on air on Disney channel for almost two years.

Not stopping there, the Jingliks animated series then came to China on VOD platform Tencent. And recently, this animated series even got broadcasted via the world’s biggest video streaming channel to approach screen audiences in 190 countries around the world, after a deal closed successful with Netflix. Being broadcasted on Netflix will help this animated series receive even more worldwide exposure.
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Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

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