Jingliks Animated Series – Animation Production Tools & Techniques

Some information about the tools and techniques applicable during the production of this animated series.

The main tool of the team for 3D animation was Autodesk’s Maya. Sculpting tool was Pixologic’s Zbrush, with both Foundry’s Mari and Allegorithmic’s Substance used for texturing. The tools that was used for hair and fur simulations was Peregrine Labs’ Yeti. Nuke was used for compositing, Chaos Group’s Phoenix tool for FX sims and V-Ray tool for rendering.


jinglik 5

Cg model for one of the character in Jingliks animated series

Above mentioned tools are very typical to any 3D animation production studio. As most studio get used to such standard pipeline for animation and visual effects.

But the series’ director noted, in particular, that it was the adoption of V-Ray that allowed this small 3D animation production team to complete the ambitious work.


jinglik 4

A robot character in Jingliks animated series


Technical challenges the small 3D animation studio facing and resolving


jinglik 3

Water simulation in Jingliks animated series


Rocks in the show was made using 3d scans.


jinglik 2

3d rock scans

Character rigs were simplified.


jinglik 1

A scene from Jingliks animated series

And many other technical challenges such as wind blowing simulation and the simulation of dynamics in character fur and hair, etc.

The series’ director – Vereschagin – even admitted that he had to take up many role in the production process of Jingliks animated series. He took the multiple-cap at the same time – Art lead and production supervisor roles, showrunner and most importantly the series’ director.

Though facing many challenges in the process of producing the animated series, with Jingliks the studio managed to produce something of high quality and unique.

JingleKids – The Christmas Thief Episode


Now as Jingliks the animated series grows into a stronger brand name, it has even been developed into game’s characters and got more exposure. The creators are planning for more merchandise to commercialize the well-known characters in this animated series in the near future.

JingleKids Games



Jingliks was among those most successful animated series that got multiple biggest series of sales worldwide and purchased for prime-time release. There are many lesson that can be learnt from Jingliks for other small studios in order to create high quality yet great and successful animated series.

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Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

year end party animost team



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