3D animation production studio in Asia has been in rapid growth and development for the past five years. Many animation production studio in Asia have maintained on a lean structure of small team thanks to the ability to take advantages of new technology to make the production nimble. However, quality is still the top priority of these 3d animation studio in Asia. As quality of the animation is thing that connect the story or characters to the audience and it’s the final meaning of the whole production.

This is not an exaggeration! It’s a truth.

On its two-year anniversary, Light Chaser Animation Studios released the trailer of its first feature-length animated movie. Originally the movie name was Little Door Gods in its local market. However, on Netflix, it was renamed as the Guardian Brothers.

The 90-second trailer gives a sneak peek to the original film produced by an animation studio in Asia (Beijing-based):

Little Door Gods Trailer


The production quality of the movie made by this Asia 3D animation studio meet the standard of world class level in every aspect according to the audience after the movie.

With just $12 million to produce this 100-minute movie, this Asia 3D animation studio did amaze many other animation studios.


Below some high quality of the animation scene from the movie produced by this Asian 3D animation studio.

Face expressions:



little door god 4


And this is the trailer of feature-length animated movie of 2 year-old Asian 3D animation studio found on Netflix!



Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

animost team

year end party animost team



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