On budget but High-Quality 3D Animation Services

Because 3D animation takes time to make, it is indeed costly. For many potential customers, even a discount won’t make this labor intensive medium affordable. Most people’s budget cannot afford high-quality 3D animation. Is it possible to get affordable 3D animation services for your project without going bankrupt? Fortunately, many studios now exist to help reduce 3D animation production costs.

High quality 3D Animation services

Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks all make high-budget animated films that are extremely realistic. This is the finest value for money. For Frozen II, Pixar paid $20,000 per second of 3D animation. A 30-second costs $600,000-$800,000. To attain this level of animation expertise takes a lot of time and effort. To develop a full-length feature film from scratch, they had to engage an animation studio, an editorial team, a composer and orchestra, voice actors, etc. If you required the best quality, you would have to pay the best price for all element and labour. For example, individual realistic trees and leaves in a forest should add to not only the film’s overall excellent quality, but also its budget.
Instead of going with the highest budget, which you can’t afford, you may choose to go with similar levels of quality but lower budget. The same quality level can be achieve for between $1,000 and $2,000 per second, which is a huge savings for your budget. A smaller budget will require certain sacrifices if you desire complete 3D character animation.
The truth is that prices for 3D animation services vary greatly. It depends on the size, complexity, and polish of your project.

Ways to cut down budget for 3D animation services

  1. Keep the characters and the environment simple. The more realism and detail, the more time and money it will take.
    • Limit the number and breadth of characters in your show. A story with fewer characters is easier to write.
    • Don’t overdo the props and effects either.
  2. Often, the cost of animation is represented in seconds. Thus, your project’s best time will be defined by your aims. Avoid very extensive narration.
  3. An animation’s budget often includes modeling and rigging. Buying pre-modeled and pre-rigged stock models saves time and money. Free characters can be used to create a compelling message without breaking the bank. Reading this article to learn where to obtain pre-made 3D models online.
  4. Don’t expect perfection. Revisions and tweaks are famously costly in animation. If the first draft is good enough, don’t change it. It will save you time and money.


Find an experienced studio that will provide you the possibilities of employing animated content to tell a story for a fraction of the cost. Animost is a world-class 3D animation studio with years of experience completing clients’ projects on time and under budget while maintaining high quality standards. Animost have the skills and expertise required to execute the work successfully. It is our goal as Animost studio to deliver high-quality projects while staying under budget.


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