Are you looking for the Best 2D Animation Software? Animation has long enthralled the world, from animated films to Flash cartoons. Particularly, the history of 2D animation dates back to the invention of motion pictures. This connects to video games as well. Games like Braid, Metroid, and Castlevania are all of our favorites.

However, it is one thing to watch the games from the sidelines. It’s one thing to start the animation process right away. Have trouble starting?

Never be! For beginner animators to get their start in the business, there are many different possibilities for animation software. In fact, I specifically created a ranking list of these products for you.

I’ll be giving both premium and free 2D animation software ratings based on factors like usability, cost, and value. For instance, 2D animation tools that are incredibly simple to use but very expensive will likely score lower than those that could be more complicated to use but are free to use.

I’ll use one of the following rankings for the whole thing: light recommend, moderate recommend, or hard recommend. Instead of listening to me drone on, let’s get to the list!

Best Free 2D Animation Software


One of the top animation programs, Synfig, was initially made available for free in 2005. This 2D animation program is excellent since it allows beginners to get started right away.

You may design the real content at the look level instead of being limited to only coding behind the scenes because it supports both front-end and back-end design.


TupiTube is a user-friendly animation program that targets the animation market for young children. This animation program is much more laid-back. But occasionally, I say the more casual, the better. Users can effortlessly download it and begin creating films because of its excellent accessibility.

This open-source 2D animation program is adaptable because it works on a variety of platforms.

Because of this, I’m deducting points from this 2D animation program’s rating because its lax attitude can offend certain animators who are more serious-minded. But even if you have no prior experience, this 2D animation program can’t go wrong.


Pencil 2D, one of the greatest free animation programs available, has a wonderful tiny design that eliminates all the technical jargon that can frighten inexperienced animators. Its straightforward design of it accomplishes a fantastic goal.

Even the most inexperienced animator can draw and make videos with this simple experience. Pencil2D is excellently cross-platform compatible.


A variety of fantastic built-in effects are available in Opentoonz and may be used effortlessly when creating your animations. Opentoonz is a simple-to-use animation program that also enables significant coding editing. So, once you master animation, you can customize cartoons to your liking! However, some users could find that challenging.


This animation software is fully web-based. It’s a useful, cost-free web browser find. You can move your characters, props, and environment around thanks to it.

Businesses generally use it to liven up their routine meetings. But kudos to them for making the right move!

2D Animation Training School


Similar to PowToon, Animaker allows you to draw up a storyboard and then animate the characters or set pieces in that scenario. Companies like Google, Verizon, Pepsi, and numerous animation studios all use it.

It is excellent for placing ads on websites and is quite simple to use. In general, animation drawing programs make it incredibly quick and simple to lose hours of animating.

Plastic Animation Paper

Another piece of 2D animation software that makes extensive use of the idea of pencil drawing is Plastic Animation Paper.
The application has good quality and is quick and simple to use. Your designs are completely up to you, and using this program might help them reach a higher level.


Your drawings can come to life with Pencil. By enabling you to incorporate sound, other cartoon characteristics, and additional picture layers into your drawing, it gives your projects a little extra flair.

It has many similarities to GIMP and Photoshop, but with more of an emphasis on the drawing itself. For everyone who likes pencil drawing or who simply wants to play around with it, Pencil is among the greatest free animation programs available.

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Adobe Flash

One of our generation’s best animation programs, and a classic! For newcomers at the time, Adobe Flash reigned in the animation industry. This program was used by users while they worked day and night on their cartoon shows, entertaining games, and other media projects. It has a lengthy history and a well-deserved reputation.

By the end of 2020, Adobe stopped supporting Flash. I suggest starting or continuing your animation journey using one of the more recent and distinctive applications or programs designed to teach animation to beginners.


I’m pleased I found this tiny gem because it was one. Krita is a fantastic free animation app for beginners that was developed by a group of enthusiastic artists that want everyone to have access to cutting-edge artistic resources.

Using Krita, you may produce stunning paintings, sketches, and animation scenarios. It was chosen by TechRadar as one of the top animation apps of 2019.

The more advanced, more expensive 2D animation program is now required. I’ll utilize the same grading scale as before: Light, Moderate, and Hard recommendations.

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Top Paid 2D Animation Software


Top 20 Best 2D Animation Software You Can Have of 2022
Top 20 Best 2D Animation Software You Can Have of 2022

It’s not surprising that Moho has received so much attention. It’s a thorough 2D animation application that allows you to produce animations that are essentially on par with some of your favorite works. Yes, I’m referring to animation that appears professional. It is designed for animators who want to improve their skills.

Take care because the cost of this 2D animation software can be too much for beginners. But there’s a lot of gold here, in my opinion. Here, you may come up with some truly memorable content if you’re up to the challenge (and the cost). Not to mention that they frequently make changes.

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Crazy Talk Animator 3

Crazy Talk is a cute little free 2D animation tool that can be used to create some great animations with little to no effort. The company even claims that when it comes to their 2D animation software and the relationship with consumers, it’s all about “minimal effort.” Do you want to start animating right away? You could need Crazy Talk Animator 3 more than anything.

Keep an eye out for the fourth iteration of Crazy Talk Animator, which is currently under production!

Toon Boom Harmony

Top 20 Best 2D Animation Software You Can Have of 2022
Top 20 Best 2D Animation Software You Can Have of 2022

In addition to having a memorable name, Toon Boom Harmony is particularly suited for novices. It blends an intuitive user interface with sophisticated animation capabilities, advertising itself as “The most powerful software ever built for animation production.” It’s ridiculous how many features this relatively inexpensive animation program has.

This program includes detailed painting and sketching, 2D/3D integration, and even pipeline integration. Toon Boom Harmony’s learning curve, however, could present difficulties for some users.


You can produce genuinely original animation projects with CelAction2D. Even for more inexperienced animators, it is incredibly simple to use, and the controls are intuitive. Not only that, but it’s a high-quality product because it’s widely utilized in TV and movie commercials.

You’ll look – and possibly wince – at the price, but what is regarded as good animation software for beginners has so many features that I have to say, it might very well be worth your time and effort.

Stop Motion Studio

Want to make movies like Wallace and Gromit or those hip Lego films on YouTube?’ is the introductory hook for Stop Motion Studio. You can make fantastic stop motion movies using Stop Motion Studio, which has a ton of special features.

I’m in since I adore both of those well-known franchises. I suppose those really cool, user-friendly features are also fantastic. Everyone will benefit from this since it is a free animation app for the PC that works with all Apple devices. How could I not suggest it given the cost and the potential?


One of the top animation programs available today that is simple for beginners to use is FlipBook. Through the creation process, it instructs you on the principles of simple animation. With its simplicity and familiarity, seeing the related video was somewhat calming.

Toonz Premium

This program is one of the top animation programs for beginners in my opinion. It brings back memories of my earlier sketching days when I was a sucker for pencil drawings. They’re adamant about bridging the animation gap between today’s animation and animations of the future.

They have excellent autocorrecting software that is constantly updated to keep your drawing current. Have you ever heard of the cartoon Futurama? It was created with Toonz Premium. Currently, it is in build 7.4.

DP Animation Maker

Top 20 Best 2D Animation Software You Can Have of 2022
Top 20 Best 2D Animation Software You Can Have of 2022

This 2D animation program’s objectives are a little more straightforward than those of the other programs on this list. Any 2D image can be animated to become animated, giving it life. It offers a simple user interface and no tricky jargon or code to learn.

It offers a wide variety of brushes and additional effects that you may apply to your image, which makes it reminiscent of many photo editing apps.


Sprinter is excellent for game animation. If the animators at Newgrounds, who was well-known in the early to mid-2000s, didn’t use Flash, I imagine they would instead use Spriter. Your video game fantasies will come true thanks to their use of modular animation.

Individual sprites are assembled into animations known as modular animation. You can save time and have an easier experience animating as a result.


The creation and animation of anime fall under the special category of 2D animation apps known as RENAS. It is recognized as the industry benchmark for animation programs in Japan.

This animation software has far too many potential uses to list them all, but the accolades it has received are proof of its excellence.

I believe that almost all of the paid software is quite dependable and powerful. I discovered that I was making a lot of “Hard Recommends.” Of course, some costs are more than others, but it also depends on your goals.


Above is my recommendation for what I consider the best 2D Animation Software. In any case, we are all incredibly fortunate to have such a fantastic selection of animation programs available to us today. You can choose a 2D animation application that suits your needs as a novice animator, no matter what your preferences are.

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