Even now, several years after it ended, controversy still surrounds the From the New World Anime Series. But why is this utopian world sci-fi series so controversial?

The history of anime is replete with works that provoke discussion and loud disputes even years after they have ended. Some fans may argue that these earlier series are fantastic despite being underappreciated, while others will claim they should be forgotten because they were bad when they first came out and are still terrible today. The hugely polarizing animation From the New World from 2012 may be the best example of this.

Based on a book by Yusuke Kishi, From the New World (also known as Shin Sekai Yori) received tremendous accolades upon publication and even went on to win the coveted 29th Nihon SF Taisho Award. Before A-1 Pictures published an anime adaptation in 2012, it was converted into a manga. Here’s the gist of the matter and why people have such strong opinions about the anime.

The Plot of From the New World Anime Series

Why From the New World Anime Series 2012 So Divisive?
The Plot of From the New World Anime Series

Saki Watanabe is the protagonist of the sci-fi novel From the New World, set in a society where everyone possesses psychic abilities. Saki’s powers first seem to be inactive for no apparent reason, but shortly after turning 12, she wakes up and discovers they are now functioning.

Saki is happy about this because it allows her to enroll in Sage Academy, a psychics school where several of her friends, including Satoru Asahina, Mamoru Itou, Maria Akizuki, and Shun Aonuma, attend.

Saki quickly discovers, though, that nothing at this school is as it seems. People keep bringing up Tainted Cats, alleged kidnappers of children that act irrationally. However, when the children continue their investigation, they quickly discover a mysterious organization attempting to uphold a gigantic conspiracy at any costs.

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Why Is From the New World So Divisive?

Why From the New World Anime Series 2012 So Divisive?
Why Is From the New World So Divisive?

While From the New World is polarizing, anime fans can agree on a few things, such as its superb world-building. The program does a fantastic job of building a vast planet that appears to have numerous inhabitants and its own history.

Even while the animation isn’t the most beautiful that has ever been seen on screen, it still looks good and makes it clear what everything is. Additionally, the on-screen images do a fantastic job of communicating the emotional beats of the story.

Characters are a topic of discussion for From the New World rather frequently. They are adored by viewers, who contend that they have the sense of young adults their age, full of both wonder and worry. They have a darkly organic edge to the moments when they understand the grim reality of their environment, which perfectly conveys the bewilderment a young person might feel at the time.

Why From the New World Anime Series 2012 So Divisive?
Why Is From the New World So Divisive?

Others feel the cast to be uninteresting and tedious to watch. Furthermore, many contend that, other from Saki, many other characters are dreadfully underdeveloped and receive insufficient screen time.

The plot, on the other hand, is From the New World’s most contentious aspect. Although most fans concur that the plot is original, it is frequently questioned whether it succeeds in achieving its objectives. Fans of the program claim that the show’s overarching plot, particularly its slow-boil conspiracy, is engrossing, unexpectedly dark, and intriguingly nuanced, giving the subjects a true moral ambiguity.

Critics contend that it loses focus in the final acts, completely ignoring a number of intriguing early themes. Others have noted how the show’s morals gradually deteriorate over time, and by the conclusion, it appears as though the creators had forgotten what they were attempting to convey. As a result, some sequences have unsettling real-world repercussions, and some of the more complicated subjects are handled awkwardly.

Why From the New World Anime Series 2012 So Divisive?
Why Is From the New World So Divisive?

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Is watching the anime From the New World worthwhile?

Even if you prefer romance, comedy, action, or any other genre unrelated to Shinsekai Yori, you should still watch this anime since it will likely introduce you to other anime series you might not have otherwise bothered to watch.

Is the New World depressing?

You will experience the wide range of human emotions that are depicted in it. There are sorrowful moments (not really upsetting, but sad). But rather than being icy and lifeless, the series has a warmth to it that lends it some life. Probably not a video that young people should see.

What year did the New World get written?

2008 January. Yusuke Kishi’s novel From the New World was first released in Japan in January 2008 by Kodansha.

How many episodes are there in Shin Sekai Yori?

You would think that twenty-five episodes of an anime would not be sufficient to allow for adequate character development from youngsters to adults. However, Shinsekai Yori does a great job of pulling this off, as is clear with Saki and Satoru and even holds true for the supporting cast.

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In conclusion, it is simple to understand why From the New World Anime Series divides anime enthusiasts. The show is ambitious in its attempt to adapt a difficult book with numerous characters, lore, and moral ambiguity. Any attempt to adapt it for the film is challenging and necessitates some concessions, and the nature of the plot means that it cannot satisfy everyone.

Others view From the New World as a sluggish experience that loses track of its most exciting components by the conclusion, but some find it to be a riveting thriller full of twists and turns. However, because of all the controversy, anime lovers should see this series in order to form an opinion.

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