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Netflix series features lots of animation genres from fiction of super power to manga or fairy tales. A Tale Dark & Grimm adds a twist to traditional fairy tales. It takes Hansel and Gretel on a journey different to the one taken in traditional Grimm fairy tales. They have an adventurous journey encountering with witches, warlocks, and even the devil.

October 8th 2021 is the premiere date of this 3d animation series on Netflix.

Key message from the original book series of A Tale Dark & Grimm

A Tale Dark & Grimm is based on Adam Gidwitz’s best-selling book series.

The author feels that all decent family entertainment aims to take care of children, to make them wiser or more prepared for the world – or simply to make them happier. “A Tale Dark & Grimm treats children in a unique way,” he adds. By exploring their deeper sentiments like dread, resentment and feelings they’d rather not talk about, the series gives them the chance to express themselves. It educates kids that you may have complicated feelings and still be a nice person, a hero, and love your family via laughing and fairy tale enchantment.


a tale dark & grimm back to life


It’s about learning that being upset with your parents doesn’t diminish your love for them; it’s a vital part of loving them.


The gist of “A tale of Dark & Grimm” 3D animation series on Netflix

We’ve all heard the story of Hansel and Gretel; kids are abandoned in the woods by their evil stepmother, and wind up in the clutches of a child-eating witch. As it turns out, A Tale Dark & Grimm wants us to know right from the start that this isn’t your typical fairy tale. Their days are spent playing games and being lulled to sleep by their adoring mother. That all changes when their father suddenly beheads them both and reattaches their heads with some type of magic golden thread.

Believing that parents shouldn’t slay their children, Hansel and Gretel run out into the woods in desperate need of a new family who will adore them, feed them, and never make them do chores. During their journey, they come across a friendly turnip farmer, but they turn him down since they have one more option: Mrs. Baker, the baker who delivers beautiful cakes to the castle. Their lives will be better if they can adopt her. What’s the catch?

a tale dark & grimm baker

Mrs. Baker and these youngsters have very different views of happiness.

A Tale Dark & Grimm appropriate for a curious preteen who enjoys dark comedy and horror animation series

A Tale Dark & Grimm is a horror series based on the same name book and the classic Grimm fairy tales. The series is gloomy and contains subjects that may distress children. Fantasy violence abounds. It’s not bloody, but there’s death and injuries from weapons and dragons, and a witch trying to roast Hansel alive. During violent periods, three hilarious narrator ravens relieve the tension, and much of the violence is shown in a humorous or stylized manner, which diminishes the frightening impact. The series is hilarious and cleverly told for older children who can tolerate the spookiness.


a tale dark & grimm turn into wolf


This innovative series pushes kids out of their comfort zones and will appeal to older children who can handle the darker themes. A Tale Dark & Grimm hits a good balance between thrills and sending the right kid to sleep at night after they’ve seen it.


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