Dimitrios Kyteas, the Head of Visualization Engineering at Speech Graphics, provides insights into SG Com, a cutting-edge solution aimed at enhancing communication and expression in real-time facial animation.

Kyteas delineates his role in software development, integration, and support, emphasizing the versatility and applicability of SG Com across various platforms and industries.

Speech Graphics & SG Com for Real-time Facial Animation

SG Com represents a breakthrough in real-time facial animation and lip-syncing technology, facilitating natural and realistic communication between virtual characters and users.

Leveraging advanced algorithms, SG Com synchronizes speech movements with audio input, catering to diverse applications such as gaming, VR, AR, and animated movies.

The Story & Development of SG Com

Kyteas elucidates the evolution of SG Com, rooted in the success of SGX technology, renowned for its automatic speech-to-facial animation capabilities.

Overcoming challenges of real-time processing and efficiency, the team achieved a remarkable 50-millisecond latency, ensuring seamless interaction amidst dynamic audio fluctuations.

Additionally, SG Com’s adaptability to varied recording conditions and integration challenges underscores its robustness and reliability.

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Use Cases

SG Com’s versatility extends beyond gaming to encompass avatar communication in chat apps, customer support, and chatbot integrations.

Its compatibility across platforms including phones, consoles, and browsers amplifies its utility, as demonstrated in its integration with Fortnite.

Use Cases
Use Cases

SG Com’s Benefits & Advantages in Real-time Facial Animation

Applications that would profit from runtime animation production can also employ SG Com, such as real-time chat apps and multiplayer games.

The challenge of managing massive volumes of facial animation data falls on gaming studios creating dialogue-heavy titles.

In addition to taking up a lot of disk space and download speed (especially when it’s in various languages) processing and organizing all that data during game development also requires time and effort.

There is no animation to process, store, or download because the animation is generated during runtime. Only audio streaming can be used to add new dialogue.

Additionally, because SG Com is compatible with all languages and even non-speech noises like laughter and grunts, it makes localizing facial animation incredibly simple.

Based on audio input, SG Com can also be used to develop listening behavior. Use cases such as several characters responding to a single speaker in diverse ways (some could be terrified, others furious, etc.) become possible as a result.

Integrating the Solution Into Game Engines

Speech Graphics facilitates seamless integration of SG Com into Unreal Engine and Unity through sample projects and plugins.

For customers using other engines, SG Com is delivered as a C API, empowering developers to customize integration based on their requirements.

Thoughts on Generative AI

Kyteas acknowledges the transformative impact of large language models on content generation and envisions synergies between conversational AI and SG Com.

Speech Graphics’ ongoing research into generative AI’s visual aspects signals a promising frontier in animation and character creation.

Wrap Up

SG Com stands as a testament to Speech Graphics’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of real-time facial animation technology.

With its seamless synchronization, versatile applications, and ongoing innovations, SG Com continues to redefine virtual communication in interactive media landscapes.

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