China – Asia animation’s biggest representative – has surpassed the United States once again to become the world’s largest film market.

Just recently, the Chinese film industry announced that its annual box office revenue would top 40 billion in 2021!

On October 10, the Chinese film’s annual box office (including pre-sales) exceeded 40 billion in 2021, with 988 million movie goers and 98.524 million screenings. Maintain the title of global box office champion in a single market. According to statistics from the “Lighthouse Professional Edition,” using the National Day file, Chinese films’ yearly box office revenue would top RMB 40 billion in 2021 at 15:00 on the 10th, continuing to lead the worldwide single film industry, compared to US$2.6 billion in the United States. (About RMB 16.7 billion). Such movie office success and the resulting massive societal repercussions have also garnered media attention. According to Bloomberg, “China has eclipsed the United States once again to become the world’s largest film market.” American producers would likewise face stiff competition from local filmmakers in the coming months in China – The biggest consumption market of animation films in Asia.

“Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action” is a well animated, must see animation film about bonds in Asian families

“Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action” chronicles the “Tyrannosaurus squad’s” metamorphosis from naughty to sensible. Tutu and Brush’s “Tyrannosaurus squad” is notorious for pulling “pranks” on parents and children at the kindergarten. However, under Grandpa Niu’s influence, the Tyrannosaurus Rex crew discovered that the best “prank” is to make people happy, even pleased. As a result, the Tyrannosaurus Rex crew and Grandpa Niu visited a senior home and staged a well-planned concert to bring delight to the residents. While they brought delight to the elderly, they also received some unexpected gifts. As a result, the Internet convening order “Tyrannosaurus Rex” was issued, and a robust “Tyrannosaurus Operation” was begun!


big ear tutu3


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The animation feature contains numerous “intergenerational pro” scenes featuring Grandpa Niu and Tutu, and the part “Grandpa Niu Handicraft Show” not only entertains the audience, but also serves as a reminder of the time spent with their grandparents. —— Tutu and the brush paid a visit to Grandpa Niu’s residence and witnessed for the first time Grandpa Niu’s craftsmanship. There are other handcrafted works throughout Grandpa Niu’s house, including little dolls created from cans, chicks built from throwaway paper cups, and antique scalpers constructed from leaves. Each one is wonderful and lovely. Grandpa Niu collaborated with Tutu and brushes to create a “Tyrannosaurus Rex Trolley” out of throwaway paper cups, as well as a “Tyrannosaurus Rex doll” out of a cardboard box, in response to Tutu’s idea. Tutu and the brush are both overjoyed.


big ear tutu

“Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action” has unquestionably become a must-see animated film for parents and families celebrating National Day. The animation film drew on Grandpa Niu and Tutu’s “passing generations” to convey the message of senior care, showcasing the creators’ commitment to reality, and was well received by the audience. As Lu Yu stated at the premiere, good animation should have a social conscience.


big ear tutu1


big ear tutu6
The “Big Ear Tutu” animation series is a collection of Shanghai Art Film Studio’s famous animation works. Since its debut on CCTV in 2004, “Big Ear Tutu” has accompanied two generations of people through their adolescent years. Along with recounting Tutu’s everyday stories, “Big Ear Tutu” offers simple and easy-to-understand principles, allowing youngsters to grow up together Hu Tutu. Furthermore, adults who watch the animation film might reflect on their own educational and communication advices and gain insight from them. As a result, “Big Ear Tutu” continues to be adored by many children and parents, earning a Douban rating of 8.6, which is very highly regarded.

Big Ear Tutu’s success as an animated movie that honoring cultural values

“Big Ear Tutu: Tyrannosaurus Rex in Action,” helmed by filmmaker Su Da of Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio. The animation studio garnered widespread notice immediately upon its release of the animated feature.

big ear tutu4


big ear tutu7


The animation film grossed 41.67 million dollars in the seven days leading up to National Day, making it the animated film’s box office winner on National Day, along with the attendance champion, the ranking champion, and the golden game champion for National Day animation films –  a total of four titles won for the animated film.

To sum up, China – Asia animation’s biggest representative – has surpassed the United States once again to become the world’s largest film market. Big Ear Tutu is a well animated, must see animation film about bonds in Asian families. Its success of animated movie that honoring cultural values.


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