Anyone looking to view anything animated should go to Best Cartoon Network Shows first. Cartoon Network has provided us with some of the best shows over the years; they have everything, from comedy to action-packed.

Whatever decade or era you choose to focus on, Cartoon Network had something worthwhile to offer. With so many cartoons to pick from, we were able to select a few of our favorites, ranging from older cartoons to more recent episodes. Here are our recommendations for the 20 greatest Cartoon Network programs ever (in no particular order).

Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows Ever 

Adventure Time

Adventure Time may be the program for you if you’re seeking a real adventure in the truest sense of the word. The post-apocalyptic lives of a little kid named Finn and his adopted brother dog Jake are the subject of this episode. Jake could change into any shape at any time thanks to his magical skills.

They reside in the fantasy Land of Ooo, which is similar to several computer games. In fact, the entire program has a strong video game vibe to it. It makes the program more endearing.

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The Powerpuff Girls

The “Powerpuff Girls” pioneered and established the animation industry. This is one of the Best Cartoon Network Shows that became a worldwide hit thanks to its use of sugar, spice, and everything wonderful as well as colorful, vivid animation, an addictive style, and three young girls at the heart who you can’t help but root for.

The show centers on the three superhero sisters Blossom (the pink one), Bubbles (the blue one), and Buttercup (the green one), who were developed by their father in a laboratory. The girls devote their time to playing, attending school, and averting global catastrophe.

But “The Powerpuff Girls” wasn’t just any cartoon; it fundamentally altered children’s programming and animation. When it debuted in 1998, there weren’t many kid-targeted programs featuring young girls as heroes. These young children were told by Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup that they could accomplish anything, regardless of their size or age.

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Courage the Cowardly Dog

Here’s one of the Best Cartoon Network Shows with a horror theme that was more funny than spooky. The series’ protagonist, Courage, was such a strong character that she could have easily carried the whole thing by herself. It might have been the pink color or the fact that it resembled a human in every way, but watching Courage was fun.

The dog and the elderly couple he shared a home with somehow kept running into strange supernatural situations. Even though he isn’t the most courageous animal, Courage still succeeds in defending his owners.

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Steven Universe

Cartoon Network’s first show exclusively created by a woman was groundbreaking in more ways than one. It was also the network’s first program to depict gay marriage, have an important character who is dealing with PTSD, and have all female superheroes.

Steven Universe, which debuted in 2016, was created by Rebecca Sugar, a former writer for Adventure Time, and has one of the largest fan bases of any Cartoon Network program as a result of its efforts to defy heteronormative expectations and produce a program that assisted children in discovering their identities.

Steven Universe, a young half-human who is growing up while being fostered by the Crystal Gems, a collection of magical beings, is the main character of the science fantasy series. Steven develops into a stronger, more magical version of himself the more time he spends with them. Steven Universe is well-known for its gorgeous animation and creative soundtrack in addition to its meaningful life teachings.

Johnny Bravo

Compared to many of CN’s episodes, Johnny Bravo had a slightly more mature focus, but it was still funny. The protagonist of the show was a muscular young man named Johnny Bravo, whose main objective is to attract ladies to him. In the course of this quest, he almost never succeeds and frequently finds himself in peculiar circumstances.

What makes this one of the Best Cartoon Network Shows – along with the fact that there weren’t many programs like it at the time – are the references to popular culture and adult humor. Johnny Bravo ran for a total of four seasons, beginning in 1997 and ending in 2004 with a break in between.

Teen Titans

This is one of the Best Cartoon Network Shows, which is based on the same-named DC heroes, and is jam-packed with humor and action. Teen Titans, which made its CN debut in 2003, has grown to be the network’s most popular show. In addition to the humor and action, Teen Titans do a better job than any other animated program in handling serious subjects and character development.

The show ran for five seasons, and reruns are still broadcast on the network today. The show is stumbled upon by younger generations, who immediately fall in love with it, just like prior viewers did nearly 15 years ago.

The Amazing World of Gumball

There are a select few characters that successfully grab kids’ imaginations. Gumball Watterson, 12, and Darwin, his adopted brother, were among the finest cartoon characters in recent memory. Darwin is a goldfish, while Gumball is a blue cat. The two are middle schoolers who reside in Elmore and go to that city’s school.

The show mostly focuses on the two youngsters’ daily lives, the people in their immediate surroundings, and all the problems they encounter. It offers a novel perspective on ordinary life, which some children find more realistic than programs about bad guys and abilities.


Few cartoons tackle the realm of food as its subject matter, but Chowder does just that. The show’s lead character is Chowder. He is a young apprentice at the catering business of Chef Mung Daal. He’s a scatterbrain, so it’s no surprise that he always manages to get himself into problems. His voracious appetite is another factor that puts him into trouble.

Although only 3 seasons and 49 episodes were produced, the show was still good enough to win at least one Primetime Emmy Award during that time.

Ben 10

Ben Tennyson conquers space in the Ben 10 television series. The 10-year-old manages to get his hands on an extraterrestrial gadget called the Omnitrix, which he wears like a watch and uses to change into any alien monster he might need to be in order to combat a bad guy in space.

As thrilling as that might sound, Ben 10 took some time to gain traction. It ultimately gained popularity and even gave rise to a few new shows, creating a franchise. From 2005 through 2008, there were four seasons of the program.

Regular Show

This program, which debuted in 2010 and terminated only last year in 2017, is one of the more recent ones on the list. Mordecai and Rigby, two pals from the working class, are the subject of the regular show. Rigby was a raccoon, while Mordecai was a blue jay.

Every episode featured the two buddies going about their daily lives, frequently encountering a straightforward issue. They almost always conclude their days with a peculiar adventure, though. The program averaged 2 to 2.5 million viewers each week at its height, which is a clear indication of how excellent it was.

Conclusion – Best Cartoon Network Shows

Animation fans can thank Cartoon Network for helping them discover their favorite bizarre cartoons and for teaching them that growing up doesn’t mean growing out of cartoons. It’s likely that you enjoy almost all of the shows on this list of the Best Cartoon Network Shows, whether you were a kid watching Cartoon Network in the 1990s or have only recently started.

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