This is my Elemental review. In the enchanting world of Disney and Pixar’s latest animated masterpiece, Elemental, the timeless concept of the four classical elements takes on new life.

Fire, water, earth, and air are personified by diverse beings in Element City, setting the stage for a heartwarming tale of two young people who challenge societal norms and discover hidden truths within themselves. Check my Elemental review below!

Ancient Wisdom of the Elements

The concept of the four classical elements, fire, water, earth, and air, has its roots deeply embedded in the annals of human history and culture.

Across ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, India, and beyond, these elements held profound symbolic and philosophical significance.

They were not mere physical substances, but rather fundamental principles that shaped the cosmos and the human experience.

The Greek physician Hippocrates integrated these elements into his theories of medicine, establishing a link between nature’s building blocks and the intricate workings of the human body.

The enduring allure of the classical elements lies in their ability to encapsulate fundamental truths about existence, serving as a bridge between the tangible and the metaphysical in cultures that span the globe and the centuries.

Ancient Wisdom of the Elements
Ancient Wisdom of the Elements

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Elemental Review

Through the journey of Fire Person Ember Lumen and Water community member Wade Ripple, the film explores the intricate connections that weave people together and break down barriers, all while celebrating the beauty of being different. Keep reading for my Elemental review!

Introducing Element City

In the enchanting narrative of Elemental, director Peter Sohn introduces us to the captivating realm of Element City, a realm where the classical elements come alive in the most imaginative ways.

Element City serves as a vibrant backdrop, where the elements take on tangible forms, each embodied by unique beings.

This fantastical cityscape melds the familiar with the fantastical, evoking a sense of wonder reminiscent of the Ellis Island immigrants’ awe upon arriving in a new land of promise.

Sohn’s masterful storytelling juxtaposes the grandeur of the city’s scale with intimate vignettes, providing a multifaceted view of daily life within its boundaries.

The city becomes a microcosm of society, a stage for Ember and Wade to challenge norms and celebrate diversity, echoing our own world’s need for acceptance and unity.

Ember’s Struggle: Between Tradition and Desires

Ember Lumen’s journey in Elemental encapsulates a universal struggle between honoring tradition and pursuing personal desires.

Initially defined by her fiery temperament and the expectations of her family, Ember grapples with the weight of her father’s hopes and her own hidden aspirations.

The conflict between Ember’s dutiful dedication to her father’s shop and her newfound passion for glass-making mirrors the broader challenge of reconciling cultural heritage with individual dreams.

Ember’s evolution from a fiery and obedient daughter to a person questioning her path illuminates the delicate balance between honoring one’s roots and forging a unique identity.

Her journey resonates with anyone who has navigated the tension between honoring tradition and carving out a path of personal fulfillment.

The Spark of Connection: Ember and Wade

Ember and Wade
Ember and Wade

In the heart of Elemental, the tender and forbidden connection between Ember and Wade ignites a profound exploration of love’s power to transcend boundaries.

Representing fire and water, two elements that seemingly oppose each other, their relationship becomes a metaphor for overcoming societal norms and embracing diversity.

Ember’s fiery nature finds harmony with Wade’s laid-back disposition, resulting in mutual emotional growth. Their transformative physical contact defies the rules of this city and the laws of physics, underscoring the transcendent nature of their bond.

Ember and Wade’s love story embodies the essence of connection itself: two individuals, divergent in nature, intertwining their lives to create a force stronger than their individual parts, beautifully illustrating the potential of unity and acceptance.

Elemental Diversity and Complex Contradictions

Elemental Diversity and Complex Contradictions
Elemental Diversity and Complex Contradictions

Elemental vividly portrays the intricate diversity and intriguing contradictions inherent within each element’s beings. Pixar’s ingenious visual styles give life to the unique characteristics of fire, water, earth, and air people.

The characters’ traits are not one-dimensional; rather, they embody layers of complexity that mirror the real world.

Ember, despite her fiery destructiveness, shapes molten glass into art; Wade, while emotionally fluid, creates intense light through his water-based abilities.

This duality extends to the elements themselves, epitomized by water’s life-giving nature and its potential for destruction, as embodied by the antagonist flood.

The film artfully underscores that diversity is not synonymous with simplicity, advocating for understanding the intricate contradictions that make each individual a beautiful mosaic of elements.

Seeing the World Anew: Empathy and Perspective

Seeing the World Anew: Empathy and Perspective
Seeing the World Anew: Empathy and Perspective

Elemental serves as a poignant reminder of cinema’s unique ability to foster empathy and expand perspectives. The narrative’s invitation to shift viewpoints allows audiences to experience the world through the eyes of the star-crossed lovers.

This emotional journey prompts viewers to recognize the beauty in embracing diverse experiences and viewpoints, as depicted through the element-based characters.

The film becomes a vessel for understanding and connection, echoing the transformative power of cinema to bridge gaps and dissolve barriers.

By encouraging viewers to step into unfamiliar shoes, Elemental underscores the strength of empathy in transcending differences and uniting hearts, inviting the audience to see the world anew with a broader, more compassionate lens.

Ember’s Revelation: Embracing Honesty and Connection

Ember's Revelation: Embracing Honesty and Connection
Ember’s Revelation: Embracing Honesty and Connection

In a climactic revelation, Ember’s journey in Elemental culminates in the realization that embracing honesty and vulnerability doesn’t weaken relationships; instead, it forges deeper connections.

Her internal struggle between her father’s expectations and her own desires mirrors the universal challenge of balancing personal authenticity with familial bonds.

Ember’s epiphany that she can communicate her dreams honestly without damaging her relationship with her father underscores a profound truth: authenticity and openness build bridges rather than burning them.

This moment becomes a pivotal message, advocating for the courage to express oneself and encouraging others to approach relationships with sincerity.

Ember’s personal mantra, “Take a breath, make a connection,” encapsulates the film’s ultimate lesson that genuine connection thrives when anchored in truth and mutual respect.


Above is my Elemental review. Elemental, the captivating collaboration between Disney and Pixar, eloquently reinforces the value of embracing diversity and fostering genuine connections.

Through Ember and Wade’s heartfelt journey, the film invites audiences to recognize the beauty in each facet of a person and to overcome societal limitations by daring to connect on a deeper level.

Ultimately, the film reminds us that taking a breath and making connections can transform our lives, fostering a world where the inherent strength of diversity shines brightly.

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