This is an in-depth Teslasuit review. In October 2018, as interest in wearable technology expanded, rumors and excitement about the Teslasuit became a little bit louder. Many tech fans had the chance to try the distinctive smart suit and see the solution in action when it was formally introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2019.

TeslaSuit is a VR Tech Tool

If you’re familiar with virtual reality, you’ve undoubtedly tried it out at a friend’s house, in a store, or in tech demonstrations. Typically, VR devices consist only of a headset and maybe a small handheld device. The TeslaSuit, on the other hand, makes the impressive leap ahead of throwing your full body into the fight.

The Teslasuit doesn’t employ vibrating motors to amplify touch sensations as other haptic suits do. Instead, it makes use of electrical advancements to deliver different amperages to the body that are intended to leave a lasting imprint.

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
TeslaSuit is a VR Tech Tool

It should be noted that this shouldn’t be worn on top of garments. To properly deliver electrical stimulation, the 80 separate channels throughout the Teslasuit are made to be in contact with the player’s skin.

I realize it sounds more science fiction than reality. I’ll admit that when I read about it, I had trouble understanding it and believed it to be both fiction and a joke. Teslasuit is a really real thing, though.

Teslasuit was formally launched on Kickstarter in 2016 after several years of development.

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Fasten your seatbelt because the majority of your body will be covered in clothing straight out of an action film. The textiles used in the suit are woven with conductive thread, and layers with waterproof neoprene which, somewhat amazingly, makes the suit itself waterproof and fully washable.

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool

According to the description, the “electro-tactile haptic feedback system” in the suit puts you truly within the games you’re playing.

It provides sensations, which can range from a strong hit to a stroke. However, the hard impact has been properly restricted to the wearer’s strength in order to prevent any tissue damage and to keep everything safe. 

The “T-belt,” which resembles a real belt and functions essentially as a big Fitbit for the Teslasuit, is the major component. It keeps an eye on movements, weather, and haptic feedback.

What a cool thing! One day, we’re going to live in a world where we can use cutting-edge technology to resolve all of our gaming disputes in front of one another in real-time.

We’ll be in the Matrix or Tron in just a few more technological advances.

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  • 80 channels of electrostimulation for tactile feedback
  • 0-15 mA per channel for pulse amplitude
  • 1-260 ms of pulse width per channel
  • 1-300 Hz per channel for frequency
  • WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Motion 10 internal sensors track
  • Battery: long-lasting, rechargeable battery (lasts between 8-10 hours)
  • sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL; made to order; tall; medium-height;

How does the suit work?

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
How does the suit work?

It makes use of an electro-tactile haptic feedback mechanism, so you truly feel immersed in the game. The player experiences a wide range of feelings, from strokes to forceful blows, because it covers their entire body. Don’t worry; because the hard impacts are only as strong as the player, they won’t cause pain or tissue damage.

The T-belt is the most crucial component of the outfit. This belt resembles a regular belt and functions as a large activity tracker for the suit. This is what keeps track of the haptic feedback, motion, and environment.

The suit is equipped with a wide range of technology, such as galvanic response sensors that record all of the player’s vital signs, including an ECG (electrocardiogram). Both NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) and TENS are used by the haptics inside the suit (transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation). You may be more familiar with TENS because it is used to treat pain.

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool

The suit must be calibrated prior to use by a player. The technique puts the player through a test to see how much electro-stimulation they can endure. On the player’s forearms, arms, back, shoulders, and chest, and on the front and back of each leg, there are conductive sites.

The sensations might be small tickles all the way up to strong jolts. Although they are reported to be attention-grabbing, it is important to note that these aren’t painful. Although the gunshots, explosions, and ersatz punches are stunning, it is not a punishing act; instead, it produces a variety of experiences, such as a duplication of rain or water splashes.

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Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool

The high cost of this technology is its only potential drawback. All of this sounds terrific, but the cutting edge comes at a price. Kickstarter was divided into two distinct price categories. You could choose between the bizarre “Prodigy” version and the “Pioneer” version, which had an estimated price tag of $1500 USD.

The amazing cost of the “Prodigy” edition is roughly $2750. Is being in the forefront financially feasible at these prices?

Obviously, if you have the money to pay for it, do so. However, if you’re like myself and thousands of others, this isn’t a trifle. Maybe the cost will go down as it gets more streamlined with time.

I believe it’s largely for game developers to collaborate with as the website doesn’t currently give any public price and requires you to contact them if you’re truly interested in purchasing.

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Teslasuit’s potential

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
Teslasuit’s potential

The Teslasuit claimed that we would be able to feel these adversaries’ strikes and that wearing it would further immerse me in the situation. Just enough to distinguish it from sitting on your couch or chair and pressing buttons, but not enough to truly injure you.

Your ability to move naturally depends on how well you perform in trials and tests within the game while actually using a weapon for self-defense in virtual reality. But now your pals are forced to move quickly enough to survive; they can no longer claim that their controller wasn’t responding to button presses.

Consider the level of detail that a squad-based game or a game from the Call of Duty franchise might have. You might enter a hostile area where there are many adversaries present with your pals, and you would genuinely feel every blow you receive. Fighting games will never be the same, I’m sure of it.

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool

You will be forced to learn from your mistakes by receiving a solid kick or punch. This might also apply to one’s physical health by enabling exercise while participating in games.

People playing the newest version of Street Fighter in Teslasuits will be a common sight at gaming events. While keeping you safe within the confines of the game, it simultaneously escalates the stakes.

The US government contributed to game development together with game designers. The Army created America’s Army in 2002 as a squad-based combat simulator to expose Americans to the Army, explain how it operates, and determine whether they felt joining the military would be a good fit for them.

I wonder whether the Army will be interested in the Teslasuit or if they’re already collaborating to create a military that is the Army of the future.

Whatever age you were when virtual reality first caught your attention, it was obvious that it was a more believable science fiction concept than flying automobiles. You now have the opportunity to buy a full-body suit, wear it, and advance your gaming. Imagine being able to engage with your favorite video games while playing them.

I anticipate having to be a little more cautious when scaling the icy, hostile mountains of Skyrim.

Pros and Cons

Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool
Teslasuit review 2022: Tesla Just Added A VR Tech Tool

The potential of the Teslasuit is incredible, and it is obvious that it is aimed at sectors like enterprise training, physical therapy, athletics, and public safety. Any gamer looking for a new VR experience would be thrilled by the thought of buying such an accessory because it uses cutting-edge technology.

However, the price (or expected price) can be considered a drawback for the typical player who wants to attempt a novel VR experience. Another drawback is how difficult it will be to put on and take off the costume. It necessitates a complete change of clothing before you even start playing because it is intended to be worn alone for optimum feedback. 

Don’t undervalue gamers’ passion for kicking off their shoes at home and starting to play. Getting ready for a game is harder with the suit on.

Additionally, it will require routine washing! Given how tightly it fits and how closely it adheres to the body, the suit will become quite perspiring very quickly. Finally, since the suit isn’t a one-size-fits-all item, you might want to think twice before sharing it with a housemate.


Virtual reality gaming is undeniably here to stay and is quickly evolving into a very exciting concept, and Teslasuit undoubtedly has the power to fundamentally alter the gaming experience.

The fact that the company already has more than 150 workers and plans to add another 50 suggests that there must be a lot of interest in the technological potential of Teslasuit among people (game creators, trainers, and entrepreneurs).

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