Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2 is one of the most highly anticipated racing simulation games of recent years. The game is being developed by Kunos Simulazioni, the same studio behind the original Assetto Corsa game and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

While the release date is yet to be announced, fans are eagerly anticipating any news on the game’s development, features, and improvements from the original.

In this article, Animost will provide an overview of everything we know about Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2, including gameplay, graphics, sound design, and much more. Keep reading to discover!

Realistic Racing Sims Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2

Realistic Racing Sims Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2
Realistic Racing Sims Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2

The developers of Assetto Corsa 2 understand that not everyone can afford to own a sports car or participate in motorsport. But they believe a good simulation can provide a rough idea of what driving a sports car would be like.

The focus of the team has always been on creating the most realistic racing simulations possible, with particular emphasis on automotive handling. They believe the excitement of winning an online race is not virtual, and their simulation can create that feeling better than any other game.

The physics engine in Assetto Corsa 2 is the foundation of the game structure and all its features. The developers have been tweaking the engine for years, with the help of experts like drivers, teams, engineers, and crew members.

These experts gave feedback and contributed to the best possible aerodynamics, tires, and suspension models.

One of the ingredients in Assetto Corsa 2’s formula for creating realistic simulations is track accuracy. The developers use laser scanning technology to reproduce each curb, bend, and slope on each track in the game in real life.

When combined with the game’s realistic car handling, this level of precision results in one of the most realistic racing simulations available today.

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New Engine Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2

New Engine Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2
New Engine Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2

According to the limited information, Assetto Corsa 2 will feature a new in-house engine rather than Unreal Engine 5, a departure from Assetto Corsa Competizione. The new engine is expected to offer improved graphics and realistic physics. It is exciting news for racing game fans.

While the car roster is expected to feature a mix of road cars and race cars like the original game, there is no further information available about the specific ones included.

Despite the lack of information, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Assetto Corsa 2 and the potential for even more immersive and realistic gameplay.

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Inside And Outside Designs Of The Licensed Cars

Inside And Outside Designs Of The Licensed Cars
Inside And Outside Designs Of The Licensed Cars

To achieve a high realism in the game’s visuals, the developers have developed a streamlined process for importing and setting up cars inside the engine.

One advantage Assetto Corsa 2 developers have is that they have CAD data for the majority of the cars they work with. It allows them to speed up the modeling process and ensure that the models are as accurate as possible.

However, the team relies heavily on photographs, especially when modeling car interiors.

The team has reworked its process to match the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). In addition, they developed a complex set of shaders to reduce the number of individual draws and add depth to the material used in the game’s cars.

These shaders are to create realistic representations of materials such as:

  • Paint
  • Carbon fiber
  • Alcantara
  • Other laminated materials in high-performance vehicles.

How Weather Systems Affect Gameplay

How Weather Systems Affect Gameplay
How Weather Systems Affect Gameplay

The weather system in Assetto Corsa 2 is a feature that adds depth and unpredictability to the gameplay. The developers used a random model to simulate random weather conditions.

It means that every race weekend is different and requires players to take into account many factors to be competitive.

The weather model in Assetto Corsa 2 simulates changing weather conditions by changing:

  • Cloud cover
  • Amount of rain
  • Wind speed
  • Real-time wind direction

All of these factors affect air density, sugar, and air temperature. From there, they affect the car’s performance metrics, such as braking force, traction, engine torque, and downforce. So players must adapt their driving style to changing conditions to stay competitive.

In addition to the weather, the tracking behavior in Assetto Corsa 2 is also very dynamic. When many racing cars are on the track, marble will accumulate, affecting the car’s handling ability.

The marbles, which are small pieces of rubber that separate from the tire, are particularly notable because of their acoustic and visual characteristics. It adds to realism and makes the experience more immersive.

The level of wetness on the track in Assetto Corsa 2 is also completely dynamic and is affected by the intensity of rain, sunshine, and temperature. Ideal roads dry faster due to car transit. Therefore, players need to adjust their driving style to stay competitive.

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Contextual Sounds Of Cars

Contextual Sounds Of Cars
Contextual Sounds Of Cars

The contextual sound of cars in Assetto Corsa 2 is one of the game’s most impressive features. The developers have paid great attention to detail, especially with sound reflections.

While driving, players can hear their car’s engine bouncing off the track boundary, with the intensity of the sound reflection varying depending on location. It adds a new level of immersion to the game, making the driving experience more dynamic and realistic.

Sound reflection is calculated using some invisible vector that starts at the car and bounces off the track boundary, like a sonar ping. Reflection intensity varies by location, with the noticeable effect in tunnels or along straights.

As a result, car audio becomes alive and dynamic, improving the overall user experience.

The developers have tested many solutions to come up with the best choice that strikes a balance between quality and resource usage. It means that the reflected sound in Assetto Corsa 2 is technically impressive and effective. Thus, it ensures the game runs smoothly on various types of hardware.

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Realistic Steering Wheel

Realistic Steering Wheel
Realistic Steering Wheel

One of the aspects of a racing simulation game is the steering wheel, which is the primary means of controlling the car in the game. In Assetto Corsa 2, the developers have created a realistic steering wheel experience.

They have done this by simulating force feedback that feels genuine to the steering forces due to tire and suspension geometry.

The developers have not added any fake effects to the force feedback system. Instead, they have aimed to simulate it as realistically as possible.

It means the steering wheel provides a different feeling compared to other road cars. Race cars have different suspension geometries, higher caster angles, and different tires.

Moreover, the game supports any direct input-based wheel and offers a default button and axis configuration for all commercial steering wheels. It provides a plug-and-play experience for new players. It allows them to use their preferred steering wheel without extensive setup and configuration.

Platforms Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2

Platforms Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2
Platforms Of Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2

According to available information, the platforms for Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2 have not been confirmed yet. However, PC will likely be the primary platform, as it was for the original Assetto Corsa game. The PC platform allows for community modding support, a feature of the game’s success.

It is expected that console ports for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will be released at a later date. It is in line with the trend of game developers releasing their titles on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience.

It is worth noting that the release of Assetto Corsa Competizione on consoles followed after the game’s initial PC release. It could be an indication of the approach Kunos Simulazioni will take for Assetto Corsa 2.

However, until official confirmation, the platforms for the game remain uncertain. Fans of the series can look forward to more information as it becomes available.

Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2 Release Date 

Although the release date of Assetto Corsa 2 has not been officially confirmed, Digital Bros’ financial report has indicated that the game will be released in Spring 2024.


Unreal Engine Assetto Corsa 2 is an eagerly anticipated racing simulator that promises to build on the success of its predecessor.

With a new in-house engine, improved weather systems, contextual sounds, and realistic steering wheel mechanics, the game aims to deliver an immersive and authentic experience for racing enthusiasts.

Although the release date and platforms are yet to be confirmed, fans can expect a mix of road cars and thoroughbred race cars, with PC likely to be the primary platform.

We look forward to seeing more details about Assetto Corsa 2 in the future and experiencing the thrill of the race when it is released. For more news about Unreal Engine games, visit Animost

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