Epic Games earned $ 1.8 billion in sales from the popular survival game Fortnite in 2019, while Unreal Engine contributed just $730 million. Today, Fortnite is Epic’s weapon for starting a battle with Apple, but the Unreal Engine is the trump card for enticing developers (like as Microsoft) to their side. Why would a $17.3 billion corporation be interested in just one product that generates less money than the other in terms of business?

The trump card of Epic Games

A game engine is a piece of software developed specifically for the purpose of designing and developing video games. It may be thought of as a type of middleware that facilitates the interaction of many programs running on the same system. The game engine’s main feature includes picture rendering (2D or 3D), physics, collisions, sound, source code, animation, AI, memory management, and graph rendering.

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Tim Sweeney, the father of Unreal Engine and the CEO and co-founder of Epic, is the guy who began the battle against Apple’s monopoly. The initial Fortnite product, launched in 2017, was just a casual co-op shooter. Epic developed a survivor game mode based on the popularity factors of PUBG at the moment. Unexpectedly, Fortnite Battle Royale, which was released in 2018, became a great hit. However, many forgot about the initial product as well as the tools that was used to create this game, which is Epic’s trump card – Unreal Engine.

The gaming industry’s future

The game engine has a lengthy history, although it became well-known with the release of Software’s Quake Engine in 1996. People acquired the idea of game design utilizing toolkits from here, which are accessible to save expenses and cut production time.

Game engines in general, and Unreal Engine in particular, are undeniably the future of this $159.3 billion gaming industry. And, in order to reach the $200 billion mark in 2023, as predicted by Newzoo, design toolkits must be protected by developers like Epic.

In order to do this, Epic’s main competitor Unity has recently filed an initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States in order to attract bigger investors. As a rival, Epic has offered free use of Unreal Engine since 2015 to reach more creative creators with limited financial resources.

As a result, anybody who encounters the Unreal Engine, whether Apple or a distributor, is touching Epic Games’ “forbidden fruit.”

With Unreal Engine, Epic raises the bar for the game

Despite the fact that Apple banned Fortnite on the App Store, Epic was solely concerned about the Unreal Engine. So, what is the Unreal Engine that Epic must defend until the end?

This is a game design toolkit, similar to a software development kit (SDK), which is used to rapidly build software without having to write it out from beginning to end. In essence, the game engine is the game’s backbone.

The game industry’s history truly began to change when Unreal Engine was launched in 1998. At the time, Unreal Engine opened the whole game world to very high map customisation, the ability to build object-rich landscapes with rich light and colors, and blurring surface textures.

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Since then, Unreal Engine has been constantly developed, with new versions introducing amazing capabilities and becoming an essential toolset for creating blockbuster games. Furthermore, Unreal Engine is utilized in the creation of effects for Hollywood blockbusters like as Jurassic Park and Independence Day 2. The capacity of the Unreal Engine game engine is to develop new algorithms and generate visuals to produce realistic 3D representations of things, fire, and explosions. Furthermore, the game engine can manage music effects, lighting effects, physical impact effects, and artificial intelligence (AI) to control the behaviors of the game’s characters.

The most recent demo version of Unreal Engine 5 was launched in May 2020, leaving the whole gaming world in awe. This engine’s sophisticated surface effects and lighting effects demonstrate that the boundary between game and real world is more delicate than ever.


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