How to create a game trailer? One of the most effective marketing tools you might have at your disposal is a game trailer. When done properly, it has the ability to evoke feelings, create anticipation, and provide viewers the chance to learn more about your game.

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic

Follow these 5 tried-and-true techniques to make a game trailer that turns your viewers into devoted players if you want to produce a scorching reel.

How much does it cost to create a game trailer?

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
How much does it cost to make a video game trailer?

Popular video games and those that are brand-new virtually always have one essential marketing component in common: they ALL feature video game trailers that pique players’ interest in the game, highlight its key selling points, and create a sense of urgency to buy it as soon as it is available.

How much does it cost to develop a video game trailer? Making an animated video game trailer can help you reach a larger audience and increase consumer interest in the game.

The cost of producing a full minute of video varies, but the average price for a video without animation is between $1,000 and $10,000. The price of animated videos can be much higher, with some animations costing $12,000 or more per minute, depending on the resources required to realize the project’s goal.

An animated video frequently costs more than $20,000 for every completed minute, especially if stop-motion or 3D animated images are included.

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5 steps to create a game trailer

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
5 steps to create a game trailer

1. Gather your assets to create a game trailer

You may plan and organize your process using this. You can go to the following step, which is working on the framework of your game trailer, by being aware of the resources you have available.

Assets you should have: 

  • Gameplay
  • In-game cutscenes, dialogue scenes, cinematics
  • Key art and concept art
  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • In-game SFX
  • In-game music
  • For 3D animations, you’ll need 3D models
  • For 2D animations, you’ll need layered files (.psd) or PNG sequences and SPRITES.

You may create a game trailer that is in line with the tone of the game with the aid of a brand guide, which will also improve the overall composition and help you maintain consistency throughout the creative process.

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2. Plan your work 

Having ideas is beneficial. But having a plan makes ideas work better, which is why the creative brief is important. This serves as a road map to assist you to arrange the elements’ appearance order. Typical game trailer elements include:

  • Grabbing introduction
  • Reset. Narrate a brief tale using gaming footage and some text screens. 
  • Finish with a compelling call to action that informs the audience of how and when they may purchase the game.
5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Plan your work

If we dissect the dramatic framework, your script should resemble this:

  • Animation of the logo
  • Show gaming footage to accompany the text screen.
  • Text screen Play additional game footage to accompany the text screen.
  • text display
  • As we display fast-paced gameplay, the music crescendos.

Be sure to include: 

  • The world 
  • The character
  • The obstacles (goals)
  • What will the character do to confront them

Use as a guide relevant movie or game trailers that you enjoy or that are similar in style. Take note of the story’s structure.

For instance, a zoomed-out pan will help you understand the environment, while close-ups are used to emote and engage the viewer with the characters.

There’s no need to go into great depth or explain the rules of the game. Find the central idea and present a compelling narrative.

The decision to use a voice-over or narrator for your video comes last but certainly not least. If you do, be sure the narration is brief and locate a person who can capture the essence of your game.

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Plan your work

When employing voice-over and on-screen text simultaneously, they should be synchronized. When the voice-over differs from the title card, it presents a significant problem to the audience.

Do not:

  • Have a detailed description that would be confusing to a player unfamiliar with your game
  • Describe your game’s features and technological components (number of levels, leaderboards, gameplay time, even though lots of trailers do it)
  • Create a long trailer
  • Include shot from a fixed viewpoint or without panning the camera
  • Have unstable gameplay or difficult-to-follow hard cuts between one action and the next
  • absence of a call to action

3. Open with a BANG!

The initial three seconds of your video are critical since viewers only pay attention to your content if you capture their interest. A fantastic introduction will capture the audience.

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Open with a BANG!

Depending on the kind of game you have, a visually arresting composition may be a sequence with specialized speech, a cinematic piece you made just for this game trailer, or a 2D composition with animation.

As the introduction will establish the tone for the duration of the film, giving the audience a reason to stay and become invested. Consider the 3-second rule as a cornerstone strategy for expanding your fan base.

While the length of a trailer can range from one to three minutes, shorter trailers often have higher audience engagement rates. We advise keeping your trailer under 60 seconds; doing so will enable you to upload your film to other websites with time restrictions, such as Instagram.

To ensure brand recognition, add the game’s title in the first three seconds (the best logo placement is around 1.7 seconds).

This is why: The average 30-second video was seen 85% of the way, whereas the average 2-minute video was only watched 50% of the way, according to Wistia. Furthermore, after the first 10 seconds, 20% of viewers leave, and after 60 seconds, 44.1% do the same.

The likelihood that someone will commit to your tale all the way to the end card increases with the length of the trailer. Prepare to strike mobile users hard and soon because they are used to instant entertainment and content is their preferred snack.

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4. Work with the music

The song you select will serve as the foundation of your film and determine the tone, rhythm, and tempo of the game trailer. Cuts should be choreographed to the soundtrack’s beat.

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Work with the music

Think of the tale and emotional core as being supported by the music. It can be difficult to choose the appropriate song, but eventually, you have to overcome your indecision, choose one, and stick with it.

As the action picks up, the soundtrack and graphics should artistically synchronize. For a dramatic effect, mix in a few gaming sound sounds when editing.

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5. Focus on gameplay

Players desire to watch gameplay. Highlight the core gameplay mechanics, fun extras, and power-ups.

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Focus on gameplay

It takes a lot of time to record gaming, so allow at least a full day to get everything just right. Record more photos than necessary, as this will give you much more editing leeway. Go for it while keeping the creative brief in mind!

Technical aspects of recording gameplay:

  • Keep the game’s SFXs while disabling the music to keep them in time with the gameplay footage.
  • Stay away from watermarks, UI, and HUDs because they are distracting. Focus attention on the gameplay.
  • When modifying, stay away from the dull gameplay segments. Make the 3D camera gameplay as theatrical as you can by positioning the camera at various angles. Try to zoom in and out for more dynamism in 2D games.
  • Logic should be followed during gameplay. Make sure your audience, who may be unfamiliar, can understand it easily (the audience you need to win over). Avoid anything that is overly specialized, intricate, or challenging to grasp quickly.
  • Include boosters and record various levels and actions.
  • A steady frame rate, excellent resolution, and the least amount of compression are required for the recording. We advise a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second. Even better if you can make it in 3840 x 2160 at 60 frames per second. The opportunities for zooming in and out will then be plentiful.
  • Avoid overwhelming the audience with too much or too quickly of a display. As the audience’s initial encounter with your game, try to make it enjoyable. The key to learning is memory.

Tips for creating a game trailer

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Tips for creating a game trailer

In five seconds, you have one thing to say

People have a limited attention span, so make sure your trailer isn’t longer than 30 seconds. Consider that if you don’t hook someone in the first five seconds, they’ll click out. 

Make the best use of video thumbnails

Keep in mind that YouTube does not automatically generate a thumbnail for your video that perfectly encapsulates the subject of your game and your target audience.

The number of clicks on the video is significantly influenced by the thumbnail. You can post a screenshot you took from your trailer after adding some text. You have the chance to optimize it, so resist the urge to use what is already there.

Second, you should employ eye-catching graphics. Make sure the imagery is more varied than merely dark images, even if the game is dark in terms of colors or genre. Even though it has a little more unappealing appearance, it is much simpler to ignore.

Bring attention to the gameplay

People watch your trailer to learn more about the game. potential feelings. You should emphasize the gameplay for this reason. All of the video content, excluding your introduction and call to action, should be gameplay-related.

5 Steps to Create A Game Trailer Which is Fantastic
Bring attention to the gameplay

Think of it like a movie teaser where you tease events that will occur in the game and leave the player wondering what will happen next. Use various game sections to create a coherent tale. That’s how a narrative game should be played.

Alternately, you might describe the essential gameplay elements that distinguish your game from the competition and then utilize compelling video and eye-catching headlines to demonstrate your arguments.

You might insist on the variety, the sheer quantity of talents accessible, and how they interact for a rogue-like. You could want to demonstrate powerful and immensely satisfying combos. Always demonstrate that using the actual game.


Above is our guide on how to create a game trailer. Consider your trailer to be a short movie: Start out strong, hint at the happenings, grab and retain the audience’s attention, showcase what makes your game special, close with an exhilarating moment, and build a memorable and simple-to-read end card. It should combine striking images with moving narration.

Keep in mind that early promotion will assist you in driving user acquisition once your game is released, and your game trailer will assist in setting the expectations of your target audience.

Making your own video game trailer with a small crew can be a great way to be creatively original and have a lot of artistic freedom.

To live up to the expectations of the game, creating your own game trailer is a difficult task that necessitates technological expertise. If you are an independent developer, this challenge is increased because you need to maximize your audience by producing an impactful experience.

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