Real time animation techniques have revolutionized the field of animation and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Real-time animation, also known as Live Animation uses a motion capture system to render a 3D character alive and in real time.

This technology can be used for pre-visualization. So directors can preview the animation while the mocap actor is performing or as a live feed so that real people or audiences can communicate with the actor.

Real-time mocap animation can bring 3D characters to life and allow them to be seen from game vantage points, appear on talk shows, speak at keynotes, and cover breaking news.

In this article, Animost will explore the different types of real-time animation techniques and learn how to create stunning visuals with them. Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Using Real Time Animation Techniques for Your Next Project

Benefits of Using Real Time Animation Techniques for Your Next Project
Benefits of Using Real Time Animation Techniques for Your Next Project

Real-time animation offers numerous benefits for content creators specializing in motion design, VFX, and animation. 


Without having to completely re-render, you may quickly alter the camera position, the text, or the language. This flexibility makes real-time animation incredibly scalable, allowing you to augment your animations as needed.

Additionally, by modifying your clients’ material based on geography, culture, demographics, and other factors, you can provide real-time animation seervices to them.

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Extend an Animated Campaign

By using real-time animation software like Adobe Character Animator, you can quickly produce social media posts that are relevant and up-to-date. This benefit allows you to maximize the value of your client’s primary campaign and create a social media strategy.

Interact with Fans

Characters can come to life and appear at events to take questions from fans. Real-time animation offers endless opportunities for developing distinctive and captivating experiences for your clients’ viewers because it is so interactive.

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Speeds up Scripting Character Animation

These techniques allow you to tell stories that might have been out of reach due to rendering time. You can review shots with the director and make any proposed adjustments in real time when using a real-time animation workflow.

Then, they allow for creative brainstorming sessions where ideas can be explored on the fly, leading to better storytelling and higher satisfaction for the entire team.

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How to Create Quality Products with Real-Time Animation Techniques?

How to Create Quality Products with Real-Time Animation Techniques?
How to Create Quality Products with Real-Time Animation Techniques?

Creating professional quality animations in real time requires powerful animation tools and software. While mastering new animation tools can be daunting, animators must evolve with the industry as new technology emerges.

Fortunately, some companies develop free animation tools and put out tutorials and easy-to-follow videos. Hence, they can teach animators the ins and outs of new animation software.

For instance, Epic Games has assembled a number of free tools to teach you how to animate with the Unreal Engine. This game design software free download is ever-evolving and changing as the industry encounters new client needs.

Epic Games works to make its gaming engines as user-friendly as possible, even though some people may find new software to be confusing. Hence, it is easy for animators to import existing work.

To get started with real-time animation, animators can utilize 3D modeling software free and 3D modeling tools free download to create the characters and props that will be used.

Once the assets are created, they can be imported into the Unreal Engine via the FBX file format or a mocap file can be brought in directly. On the other hand, animators can use the Live Link plugin to bring in live data as it’s recorded.

In the Unreal Engine, animators can place keyframes in the Sequencer, which provides flexibility for complex animations. Blueprint scripts can also define controls and trigger for character animation, eliminating the need for programming.

For even greater in-engine control over character animation, the Control Rig feature is available.

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The Difficulty of Real-Time Animation Techniques

The Difficulty of Real-Time Animation Techniques
The Difficulty of Real-Time Animation Techniques

Firstly, real-time animation techniques often require learning new tools and software, which can have a steep learning curve. It can be particularly challenging for animators who are used to working with traditional animation techniques.

Secondly, the animation industry has high standards for quality, and real-time animation techniques may not always meet these standards. Animators must strive to create high-quality animations that meet the industry’s expectations.

Thirdly, real-time animation techniques often rely on low-quality data, such as motion capture data, which can be noisy and require a significant amount of cleaning and processing to be usable.

Finally, implementing real-time animation techniques in an established production pipeline can be challenging. Animators must work with other departments, such as lighting and rendering, to ensure the final product meets the desired quality standards.

Real-Time Animations Best Practices

Here are some real-time animation best practices that can help you get the most out of your content:

  • Plan: Before starting the actual animation process, take some time to plan out your shots and the overall story you want to convey. This tip can help you save time and avoid unnecessary iterations later on.
  • Optimize your assets: Real-time animation requires a lot of processing power, so optimize your assets to ensure they run smoothly in your game or application. Use game design tools free download and 3D game design software free download to help you optimize your assets for real-time rendering.
  • Use motion capture: Motion capture technology can help you create realistic and believable animations quickly and efficiently. Consider investing in a motion capture system or using pre-made motion capture data to speed up your workflow.
  • Learn the tools: Take advantage of the available resources, such as Unreal Engine 4 tutorial pdf or other tutorials, to learn the tools and features of your real-time animation software. This process can help you work more efficiently and create better-quality animations.
  • Iterate frequently: Real-time animation allows you to see your work in progress immediately, so use this advantage by iterating frequently. Test your products often and adjust as needed to ensure they meet your standards.
  • Keep it simple: Real-time animations should be optimized for performance, so keep your products simple and avoid using too many complex animations. This note can help ensure that your results run smoothly on various devices and platforms.

Besides, we recommend using available resources like game design tools free download, 3D game design software free download, and Unreal Engine 4 tutorial pdf. Thanks to them, you can create professional-quality animations optimized for real-time rendering.

Best Tools and Software for Real-Time Animation Techniques

Best Tools and Software for Real-Time Animation Techniques
Best Tools and Software for Real-Time Animation Techniques

When it comes to creating real-time animations, there are several powerful tools and software options available. 

  • Unreal Engine: This game engine is a popular choice for real-time animation and is used by many professionals in the industry. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features for creating realistic animations.
  • Unity: This game engine is another popular choice for real-time animation and has been used in many successful games and animations.
  • Blender: Blender is a powerful 3D modeling and animation software that is free and open-source. It has a large community of users who contribute to the software and offer support to new users.
  • Maya: Maya is a popular 3D animation software popular in the film and game industry. It has a wide range of tools for creating realistic animations and offers a comprehensive set of features for character animation.
  • Cinema 4D: This 3D animation software is popular among motion graphics artists and offers a wide range of tools and features for creating realistic animations. It is user-friendly and has a comprehensive set of tools for character animation.

Besides, many resources are available online to get started with these tools, including beginner tutorials and guides.

Unreal Engine, for example, offers a beginner’s tutorial series on its website. And there are many YouTube channels and online courses available for learning the best 3D animation software 2023, including Blender and Maya.


What Are Real-Time Animation Techniques?

Real-time animation techniques are methods of creating animations in real-time, meaning that the animation is generated and displayed in real time as it is being created or played back. This is in contrast to pre-rendered animation, where the result is created beforehand and played back later.

What Are The 3 Main Types Of Animation Techniques?

The three main types of animation techniques are traditional, stop-motion, and computer animation. 

What Is Pixar’s Animation Style Called?

Pixar’s animation style is called computer-generated imagery or CGI. It involves creating 3D models and animating them with software.

What Animation Technique Did Disney Use?

Disney used many animation techniques throughout its history, including traditional hand-drawn, stop-motion, and computer animation.

What Is The Japanese Style Of Animation?

The Japanese style of animation is called “anime.” It is known for its distinctive art style, which often features large eyes, small mouths, and exaggerated facial expressions.

Besides, anime can be created with a variety of animation techniques, including hand-drawn animation, computer animation, and stop-motion animation.


Real time animation techniques are rapidly evolving, bringing new opportunities for animators to create stunning visuals that were previously impossible.

With the advent of powerful game engines and the ability to render in real-time, animators can create high-quality content at a faster pace, with greater flexibility and more creativity.

By leveraging the best tools and software available, animators can create complex and detailed animations with ease.

For more guides on real-time animation techniques, visit Animost!

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