In the realm of game development, the allure of Unreal Engine 5, crafted by Epic Games, as a premier game engine is undeniable. Is Unreal Engine 5 free? 

This article delves into the pricing structure and the wealth of Unreal Engine features, unveiling the full scope of Epic Games’ game development software.

Is Unreal Engine 5 Free?

Yes, UE5 is free for most uses. There’s no initial cost, making it a popular choice as free game development software. Yet, if a project earns over $1 million, a 5% royalty fee applies to future sales.

The Free Offer

An UE5's Product
An UE5’s Product

UE5 is free to download and use. Even if you officially release a game, you won’t have to pay any fees as long as you don’t make more than $1 million USD. 

This generous “free to use” policy is a significant boon for developers, learners, and creative professionals. It opens doors for aspiring game developers, 3D animators, and creators by providing access to a powerful engine without upfront costs. 

Whether you’re honing your skills or working on internal projects, Unreal Engine 5’s free access, coupled with a wealth of tutorials and a supportive community, makes it an invaluable resource for a diverse range of applications.

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Additional Costs and Incentives

Additional Costs and Incentives
Additional Costs and Incentives

When your game surpasses the one-million-dollar revenue mark like an AAA game, Epic Games mandates a 5% royalty fee on future sales. This royalty fee aligns with the ecosystem’s “pay-as-you-succeed” model. 

Additionally, developers can explore Unreal Marketplace fees for acquiring assets and resources to enhance their projects. Subscription plans offer an attractive incentive, providing access to a wealth of tools and premium content. 

Moreover, there may be additional costs associated with acquiring specialized services and support for complex projects, enhancing the overall Unreal Engine experience. These costs are offset by the platform’s vast potential for success and innovation.

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What Makes Unreal Engine 5 Worth Considering?

What Makes Unreal Engine 5 Worth Considering?
What Makes Unreal Engine 5 Worth Considering?

UE 5 is worth considering for its features, including Nanite Virtualized Geometry, Lumen Global Illumination, and a gameplay system. It offers cross-platform support, making it a powerful choice for all game developers.

  • Nanite Virtualized Geometry eliminates polygon-based modeling, allowing artists to craft intricately detailed worlds without sacrificing performance. 
  • Lumen Global Illumination and Reflections produce stunningly realistic lighting, enhancing visual fidelity. 
  • The World Partition system efficiently handles large open-world environments, ensuring seamless gameplay.
  • The MetaSounds system revolutionizes audio, offering dynamic and adaptive soundscapes. 
  • The revamped Animation and Control Rig enhance character animations, adding realism. 
  • Data-driven gameplay and AI allow for adaptive game mechanics. 
  • The Modular Gameplay System streamlines development and design flexibility.
  • Cross-platform support expands your audience reach. 
  • With open-source elements and a supportive community, UE5 empowers developers to create innovative and immersive gaming experiences.

How to Know UE5 is the Right Choice for You?

Evaluating whether Unreal Engine 5 is the right choice for your game development needs involves several key considerations. Start by comparing game engines, such as Unreal vs. Unity, especially if you’re an indie developer.

  • Project Requirements: Unreal Engine 5 excels in producing visually stunning, high-fidelity games. If your project prioritizes photorealistic graphics, it’s a strong candidate.
  • Learning Curve: Evaluate your team’s expertise and comfort with the engine. Unreal Engine 5 might have a steeper learning curve than other engines, so consider the available resources and support for your team’s skill level.
  • Budget: Examine your financial resources. UE5 is free for non-commercial use, but there’s a 5% royalty fee on earnings over $1 million. Unity may offer more flexible pricing options, particularly for indie developers.
  • Platform Compatibility: Consider the target platforms for your game. Unreal Engine 5 supports various platforms, ensuring your game reaches a wide audience.
  • Community and Support: Explore the communities and support available for each engine. Both Unity and UE5 have robust communities, but the depth of available resources may differ.

Ultimately, Unreal Engine 5 could be the right choice if your project aligns with its strengths and you’re prepared to invest time in mastering its capabilities.

However, a comprehensive assessment, particularly when comparing game engines like Unreal vs. Unity for indie developers, is essential to make an informed decision.

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Where Can You Get Unreal Engine 5?

Where Can You Get Unreal Engine 5?
Where Can You Get Unreal Engine 5?

Obtaining Unreal Engine 5 is a straightforward process, as it can be easily acquired through the Epic Games Launcher.

To start, you’ll need to visit either the official Unreal Engine website or the Epic Games Store. These platforms cater to different user preferences and ensure accessibility for all.

Upon visiting the respective website, an automatic detection mechanism discerns the operating system on your device. This ensures that you receive the correct launcher installer that matches your system’s requirements.

What Operating Systems does UE5 support?

Unreal Engine 5 offers a versatile array of supported operating systems, accommodating various platforms.

For Windows users, it can be installed on any 64-bit version of Windows 10. To ensure smooth performance, a 2.5 GHz or faster quad-core Intel or AMD CPU and 8GB of RAM are recommended.

Mac enthusiasts are not left out; Unreal Engine 5 extends its support to Mac devices. Those with Intel CPUs should run macOS Big Sur or later. Meanwhile, Apple Silicon systems require macOS Monterey 12.5 or later for optimal performance.

Linux users can also dive into Unreal Engine 5, although the system requirements are a bit more demanding. Epic Games provides direct support for Ubuntu 18.04 or later.

To run it effectively, you’ll need a quad-core Intel or AMD CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz or faster and a substantial 32GB of RAM. This broad OS compatibility ensures accessibility and flexibility for a wide range of developers across different platforms.


Above is my answer to the question “Is Unreal Engine 5 free?” UE5, while free for many, reveals a nuanced pricing model beyond the surface. Its features and capabilities are undeniably impressive, providing a powerful platform for game developers.

By understanding the costs and incentives, one can navigate this dynamic game development landscape effectively, harnessing Unreal Engine 5’s potential.

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