Folklore-inspired fantasy is still a popular theme in Chinese animation feature films. Taking inspiration from Chinese Taoist myths, Big Fish & Begonia is one of the most popular modern 2D animation films to come out of China.

Top-rated Critics of Big Fish & Begonia

big fish begonia asia animation film

– In this bighearted, surprisingly complicated cautionary fish tale, the lavishly detailed blend of animation genres brilliantly complements each other.

– Adapting ancient Chinese traditions, these filmmakers make a beautiful plea to save real creatures while entertaining audiences with transcendent made-believe.

– No true masterpiece, but a visual marvel

– The story travels between the spirit and animal realms with an undercurrent of yearning and waves of pure delight.

– A kaleidoscope of dazzling sights and memorable people enchants, but lacks psychological depth. And you’re always wondering what’s going on.

– Intricate weaving of Chinese culture and tradition, and the dreamy visuals

Big Fish & Begonia

As a dolphin, she embarks on a fascinating and perilous journey with a 16-year-old girl in the film. When a young man gives his life to save hers, she resurrects him using magic, but she soon discovers that this newfound power has a dark side.

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The beautiful background paintings and mythology-inspired tale exude Chinese culture. The film has some amazing complex animation, especially of nature, with vines snaking upward and branches groaning to life, but that’s to be expected from Studio Mir (the studio responsible for The Legend of Korra). While the story of arrogance and immature children may annoy some, the animation alone makes Big Fish & Begonia worth viewing.

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Big Fish & Begonia began as a 2004 flash animation funded by a Kickstarter. Its closeness to the passionate attitude of animation dynamo Studio Ghibli wowed viewers.

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Director Luong Toan had the idea for the film Dai Ngu Hai Duong 12 years ago, when he was only 21. To share his dream story with the world, he and his university classmate Truong Xuan created a short animated film called Dai Hai. The results surpassed expectations, gaining accolades from both domestic and foreign critics, and winning numerous prizes. In 2005, Luong Toan and Truong Xuan joined B&T Studio to make feature films.


To sum up, the conflict in Big Fish & Begonia animation film was between “natural order” and “human” emotions. Through smooth, inventive, and slobber animation, these flicks introduce us to Chinese.

Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

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