On October 13th, 2021, Netflix premiered the first episode of Violet Evergarden.

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In Violet Evergarden, a former child soldier and amputee searches for the meaning of love after the death of her commanding commander Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. Violet is a unique animated character. The Auto Memory Doll program prepares Violet to work as a female ghostwriter for individuals who need help with their personal correspondence. As an Auto Memory Doll, Violet meets a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life and learns about the nuanced and nuanced human emotion of love.

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Awards and Criticism

Violet Evergarden series has received numerous awards, including the Kyoto Animation Award for “Best Novel” for the light novel and the 2019 Cruchyroll Anime Awards for “Best Animation” for the animation.

For its part, Violet Evergarden: The Movie was nominated for an Academy Award for “Excellent Animation of the Year” and earned the “Excellence Award in Animation” at the Japan Media Arts Festival for its animation work. Both the first and second seasons of the show are currently streaming on Netflix.

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Both cinema critics and animation and anime fans have been amazed at how great the film is. IMDb gives it an 8.5, while Rotten Tomatoes gives it a perfect score of 100 percent fresh. The animation and anime community gives it an 8.9 on MyAnimeList.


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Following the series’ success, Kyoto animation studio has continued to meet the audience’s expectations by adapting the story to the big screen in 2019. The series was well received not only by fans of the animation series in particular, but also by the general public.


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Because it was the first work of Kyoto animation studio after the terrible fire that claimed the lives of 33 employees of the cave. The film premiered as a strong affirmation of the enduring vitality of one of Japan’s leading animation studios, that they will stand up and continue to contribute, despite the tragedies they have to endure. And a year later we see the return of the doll on the big screen.

Storytelling, visual and animation success

Violet Evergarden is about former soldier Violet, a young girl who is trained and used as a war tool for the fierce final days of the war. Violet has permanently lost her hands and the commanding officer – who is also the only relative. Before she died, Violet was left with the words I love you, which she could not understand.

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And Violet begins her journey to find the meaning of that sentence, by becoming a Memory doll. The animation series has excellent visuals, with careful attention to every frame, embellishing and enhancing the emotional stories in each episode of the series.

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The highlight of that film is a gentle work about finding the meaning of love. Another highlight is the artistic image section.


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If you don’t know, each 24-minute episode in the series took a month to design. And the result of those artists’ efforts is a dreamlike Violet, whose mechanical fingers move rhythmically on the typewriter keyboard that has become the trademark of this series.


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The scenes are designed extremely elaborately. No less competitive when the songs are composed very touching. All have created a shimmering work of art, enough to make it a work of art worthy of the most winged compliments.


Animost – Vietnam 3D Animation Studio

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Image Credit: Imdb.com

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