Christmas is a time of wonder, family and togetherness. Many classic children’s films and TV specials have been made available for families to enjoy together.
Due of the vast number of animated films released each year, it might be difficult to determine which films are worth watching the most. We’ve produced a list of the best Christmas movies ever made to entertain the whole family and get your kids in the holiday mood of giving and joy.

Sofia the First: The Floating Palace (2013) – IMDB 8/10

In this full-length episode of “Sofia the First,” Sofia encounters a genuine mermaid and goes on an underwater adventure. Togetherness and overcoming fears are portrayed in this film – with mermaid companions!
The episode’s hazard may be a touch frightening for young children under four. This sea-themed tale features a surprise cameo by none other than Ariel, the beloved undersea princess.

Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom (2012) – IMDB 7/10

Dora and Boots go on an underwater quest to find the mermaid’s kingdom and mother after helping Maribel. It’s an underwater musical and educational experience that teaches colors, patterns, and counting, among other things.
Dora faces an evil octopus to save the Mermaid Kingdom on the two-disc DVD collection “Dora Saves the Mermaids.” Both can hold a preschooler’s attention.

How to Train Your Dragon (2010) – IMDB 8.1/10

DreamWorks Animation’s use of 3-D technology in Kung Fu Panda is not surprising. Aside from 2009’s Monsters vs. Aliens, How to Train Your Dragon (2010) is DreamWorks’ zenith of 3D animation. The film’s action sequences outperform the film’s lush environment, which includes rolling hills and Viking settlements. The film’s breathtaking aerial sequences highlight 3D technology.

Up (2009) – IMDB 8.2/10

Pixar has previously used 3D in re-releases and existing films like Toy Story and Up, but this was the first time it was used in a major picture. Despite its lack of flair, Up is probably the best example of how 3D can be used to enrich and enhance a world. “We sought to employ depth as another way of presenting the story,” director Pete Docter writes in the film’s production notes.

WALL-E (2008) – IMDB 8.4/10

WALL-E has been compacting garbage on Earth for hundreds of years, long after the humans who ruined the earth left to live on their luxury spaceship. Other robots have been disabled, leaving WALL-E alone. Until he finds something priceless: a plant.
Here comes EVE, a robotic extraterrestrial vegetation evaluator. They go on a massive intergalactic voyage to help humanity rediscover its place in the universe.
The family will enjoy Disney and Pixar’s most heartfelt film yet. It also conveys a notion of global impact.
Almost every American boy or girl has dreamt of being a merperson. An underwater world entices kids – and some adults, too.
Though the legends of this obsession date back millennia, thanks to television and film, it is regularly recreated. Discover nine beautiful animated and live action mermaid tales, sorted by recommended age group.

Finding Nemo (2003) – IMDB 8.1/10

“Fish are friends, not food!” In one of the best shark animation moments ever, the sharks in Finding Nemo attend a diet support group, but never trust a shark on a diet! The film’s three main protagonists are Bruce, the fearsome great white shark, Anchor, the hammerhead shark, and Chum, the mako shark. Their Australian twang is their most lovable feature. (G)


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