How well you search out every little peculiarity and mannerism of your character and how well and with what ‘life’ you move and draw it, will determine the sincerity of it and its entertainment value. You want the audience to view your character on the screen and say: ‘I know that guy!’

The Driving Force behind in animation

Leonardo da Vinci wrote: ‘Build a figure in such a way that its pose tells what is in the soul of it. A gesture is a movement not of a body but of a soul.’

Walt Disney reminded of this when he spoke of the driving force behind the action: ‘In most instances, the driving force behind the action is the mood, the personality, the attitude of the character—or all three.’

What is your character thinking to make it act, behave and move as it does? As an animator, you have to feel within yourselves every move and mood you want your drawings to exhibit. They are the image of your thoughts.

Imagination must be cultivated and developed; it must be alert, rich and active. An actor (animator) must learn to think on any theme.

Observe people (and animals) and their behavior—try to understand their mentality.

There will be exaggeration in his anticipations, attitudes, expressions and movements to make it all very visual.

Keep the action in good silhouette, do one thing at a time and so present his act in a positive and simple manner for maximum visual strength.

Care more for audience’s experience via animation

Drawing for animation is not just copying a model onto paper; you could do that better with a camera. Drawing for animation is translating an action into drawing form so an audience can retranslate those drawings back into an experience of that action. You don’t just want to show the audience an action for them to look at it. You want to visualize an action for them to see – that is, to experience. That way you have them in your grasp, your power, and then the story can go on and the audience goes on with it, because they are involved. You have allowed them to experience it.

The parts of the figure must be put together in a manner that will portray or caricature the meaning of the pose. Otherwise, it will be just a drawing. What a horrible fate – to be just a drawing.

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